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Chapter 909

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Chapter 909: Everyone, Run Quickly

After Sun Feiyan was pushed down, she was very angry. She immediately got up and wanted to counterattack. Unexpectedly, when she rushed towards Yu Shuangshuang, she bumped into an invisible wall and was sent flying.


“What’s going on?” Sun Feiyan fell to the ground. She ignored the pain in her body and stood up again. She walked forward carefully and reached out to search in front of her. In the end, she touched an invisible wall. No matter how hard she pushed, she could not push it open and could not get out.

Sun Feiyan realized that she was trapped and shouted in panic, “Senior Brother, I’m trapped here and can’t get out. Quickly save me, save me…”

The disciples of the Heavenly Spirit Sect did not respond to Sun Feiyan’s cry for help. Everyone was so frightened that they retreated, not daring to go forward.

Yu Shuangshuang picked up a rock and threw it forward. In the end, the rock could not be thrown over and was rebounded by the barrier.

Seeing this scene, no one dared to go forward and ignored Sun Feiyan’s cry for help.

“There’s a barrier ahead. I’m afraid we can’t enter.”

“Then how did Sun Feiyan enter?”

“Who knows?”

Just as everyone was panicking, a strange sound came from not far away. The ground even trembled slightly, and after a while, a huge ape appeared in everyone’s vision.

“That’s a Rank Five demonic beast, the Giant Ape. Everyone, run.”

Rank Five demonic beasts were existences that even Saint Realm experts were afraid of. Low-level cultivators like them could only run when they saw them.

Among everyone, the one who ran the fastest was Yu Shuangshuang. At this moment, she was no longer thinking about the five-colored spirit crystals. She only hoped to escape from the huge ape’s palm and live.

“Don’t leave me behind. Save me, save me… Senior Brother, save me…” Sun Feiyan also saw the huge ape and was frightened. Seeing that her fellow disciples had run away, she cried for help.

The huge ape originally wanted to chase after the fleeing people, but when it heard Sun Feiyan’s cry, it stopped in its tracks and decided to give up on chasing after the fleeing people and look at her.

The disciples of the Heavenly Spirit Sect who were running in front turned back to take a look. When they saw the huge ape walk towards Sun Feiyan, everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

As long as the huge ape did not chase after them, their lives would be saved. As for Sun Feiyan…

Everyone turned their gazes to Yu Shuangshuang. Although they had some objections to her, no one said a word.

If Yu Shuangshuang had not pushed Sun Feiyan to that place with the barrier, she would not have died.

However, if Sun Feiyan had not stopped the huge ape, they would have all died.

Hence, even if they had objections to Yu Shuangshuang, they would not say it.

“This place is too dangerous. Let’s leave quickly and report what happened here to the elders and the Sect Master. Let them deal with it. That five-colored spirit crystal is not something small fry like us can obtain, so give up.”

“Senior Brother, I’m sorry. I harmed everyone and Junior Sister Sun.” Yu Shuangshuang pretended to be pitiful at this moment, but she was actually extremely glad.

As long as Sun Feiyan died, no one would snatch Senior Brother Qin Yang from her. In the future, Senior Brother Qin Yang would be hers alone.

“You can’t be blamed for this. Back then, everyone voluntarily chose to enter the depths of the Moon Burial Ridge. Whatever happened, they would bear the responsibility themselves. Let’s go back quickly. I’ll give Elder Sun an explanation.” Qin Yang did not feel anything about Sun Feiyan’s ‘death’. Instead, he instantly made a choice.

Previously, he had been hesitating about whether to choose Yu Shuangshuang or Sun Feiyan. After all, one of them was the granddaughter of an elder and the other was a core disciple of the Sect Master.

Now that Sun Feiyan was dead, he did not have to make a choice anymore. He just had to place his heart on Yu Shuangshuang..

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