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Chapter 932: 932 Something Else

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932 Something Else

Xue Fanxin kicked the First Elder of the Heavenly Spirit Sect into the barrier and cut off his escape route. Then, she ignored him for the time being and walked towards the poisoned Holy Light Tiger, treating it first.

The Holy Light Tiger did not have any ill will towards Xue Fanxin and was filled with gratitude. After its body recovered its strength, it kept rubbing its head against her hand to express its gratitude.

“Alright, alright. I’ve already cured the poison in your body. Your other injuries need a few days to recover. Go back first. As for that person, I’ll help you deal with him.”

Although most demonic beasts were extremely ferocious, there were also quite a few who were kind and peaceful. They never attacked humans randomly and only counterattacked when they were threatened and hurt.

As long as humans were willing, such demonic beasts could coexist peacefully with them.

Unfortunately, human nature was too greedy. There were very few people who knew how to respect other lives.

She could not care less about others, but she would not casually hurt those kind demonic beasts.

Xue Fanxin watched as the Holy Light Tiger returned to the barrier and called the other demonic beasts back. Then, she saw a purple barrier flash in the sky, and the barrier was set up again.

When the barrier was set up again, the First Elder of the Heavenly Spirit Sect got up from the mud. Seeing that Xue Fanxin was not around and there were no demonic beasts around, he wanted to escape quickly.

With his Saint Realm cultivation, he only needed a breath of time to travel hundreds of kilometers and escape.

However, when he used his escape spirit technique to leave the depths of the Moon Burial Ridge, he was blocked by an invisible wall. His entire body collided strongly with the invisible wall and he was rebounded and sent flying. He fell to the ground, feeling dizzy and unable to get up for a while.

What was going on?

When the First Elder of the Heavenly Spirit Sect bumped into the barrier, Xue Fanxin happened to be at the scene. She saw with her own eyes how the First Elder crashed into the barrier. The sound of the collision even made her feel pain.

Ah Jiu’s barrier was not something you could break out of just because you wanted to.

The First Elder lay on the ground for a long time before he could sit up. At this moment, his head was still dizzy, but he could already think normally.

He remembered that there was a barrier here, and it was an extremely powerful barrier.

Now that he was trapped in the barrier, wouldn’t he be waiting for death?

Just as the First Elder was panicking, Xue Fanxin suddenly said coldly from behind him, “First Elder, you can’t break out of this barrier, so it’s best not to waste your energy.”

When the First Elder heard Xue Fanxin’s voice, it was as if he was hearing the voice of the King of Hell. He was extremely panicked and asked with a trembling voice, “What… what do you want? If you want to kill me, then give me a quick death.”

Who would expect the dignified First Elder of the Heavenly Spirit Sect to fall at the hands of a little girl.

“Don’t bring up fighting and killing at every corner. It’s too violent. Let’s play and do something else.” Xue Fanxin squatted down and looked at the First Elder, her smile was very sinister.

When the First Elder saw Xue Fanxin’s sinister smile, his hair stood on end. His entire body trembled even more, and he could not even speak properly. “What… what game do you want to play?”

She was clearly only a little girl in the Great Spirit Master Realm. Why did she give off such a powerful feeling?

Could it be because of the demonic beasts by her side?

No, no. He could clearly sense that the power came from this little girl herself, not from the demonic beasts by her side.

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