The Princess’ Shadow Guard Cannot Be Too Clever

The Princess’ Shadow Guard Cannot Be Too Clever
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When Ming Qin, who was a shadow guard, climbed the County Princess’s boudoir, she expected to be thrown out. But the County Princess just looked on calmly, as if there was nothing in this world worth caring about.

She thought that the County Princess was both beautiful and powerful and worthy of sacrificing her life for. So when she was appointed as the County Princess’s guard and was told by her senior sister to ‘be nice’, Ming Qin managed to ‘nicely’ sacrifice herself. It is only when her senior sister grabs Ming Qin by the ear and scolds her for being a s*upid idiot that Ming Qin realises that she has to be ‘nice’ because the County Princess likes her.

Ming Qin went to the Boudoir and apologised to the County Princess, “I’m sorry I didn’t quite understand before.” Finding herself desperately longing to use the rouge on the County Princess’s lips, she added, “But I seem to understand it better now.”


The once peerless beauty Murong Yan was imprisoned in a tower with her crippled body in tow, like a canary that couldn’t fly out of its cage. Therefore when she saw a foolish shadow guard inexplicably appear, she only took advantage of the situation to pass the time.

When the reckless shadow guard brought warmth into her heart that resembled eternal winter, she no longer thought there would be a reason to regain her former glory, nor a reason to take revenge, and because of a little shadow guard, it felt like anything was possible.

So when the person she had lost had returned to her, Murong Yan did everything to keep her, kissing the person in her arms frantically and whimpering, “Use me, as long as you don’t leave again.”

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