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Chapter 1005: 1005

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However, his smile disappeared when he realized she was not planning to marry at all. He looked grimly at her and tried to talk her out of it. “How could a young girl not want to marry? Zhu Yu is a few years younger than you are and she is already engaged to Chu Yi. She should be having a child before long too. You have a dangerous thought and you would do best to quickly drop it.”

Chu Jiu was a little unhappy with the man’s nagging even though he meant well.

It was annoying especially since he would mention this every other day.

Moreover, she really had no idea what sort of person she wanted to marry.

Unaware that Jiu was annoyed with him, Zhao Qian continued, “From what I can see, Her Highness’ suggestion sounds good. If things really don’t work out, I’ll talk to His Majesty and get him to pick a husband for you from among the palace guards.”

He nodded while he spoke, convinced that his plan would work.

Chu Jiu was worried he would get too excited over the idea and rush to speak to His Majesty about it. If that happened, it would be considered going against His Majesty’s edict if she rejected it. She hastily said, “Give me some time to think about it.”


Zhao Qian nodded. “Alright. Have a look around by yourself. If there’s someone you like, let me know and I’ll immediately send someone to propose the marriage.”

Chu Jiu’s mouth twitched.

Butler Zhao was too passionate about this. Besides, it should be the man who sent someone to the woman’s family to propose marriage. It sounded quite strange for things to unfold the other way round.

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However, this was not the time to correct his dubious decision. Chu Jiu decided to just listen without bothering to take any action.

Grand Princess of Ning Mansion.

Long Qingzhi was accompanying Wanyan Zhi for some reading in the backyard when her housekeeper informed her that Madam Li had sent a note requesting to meet her.

Long Qingzhi had been married into Danjue for many years and only just returned to Great Shang the year before. She did not know the imperial capital’s high-society wives well.

She had no impression of Madam Li at all. She asked, “Who is Madam Li?”

The housekeeper was personally chosen by Long Yang to work at the Grand Princess of Ning Mansion when it was granted to Long Qingzhi. He was a particularly smart and capable housekeeper.

A meaningful look flashed in his eyes when he heard the question. He said, “Madam Li is the wife of the Vice Minister of Public Works.”

He paused and lowered his voice. “Miss Li used to be the intended Empress for His Majesty. I’ve heard that First Miss Li had committed the indecent act of eloping with a man and this issue had never really been resolved.”

Long Qingzhi might have been far away in Danjue, but she was aware that her brother was supposed to marry an Empress many years ago. He eventually ended up not marrying her and she had no idea of the reason behind it.

Only now did she learn what had happened after the housekeeper told her about it.

So, that was the reason.

However, why would Madam Li suddenly want to meet her? What did she want?

Long Qingzhi frowned.

The housekeeper noticed the look on her face and knew that she was suspicious about Madam Li suddenly sending her this note. He asked, “Do you want to see her, Grand Princess?”

Long Qingzhi was reluctant to get involved with her brother’s affairs, but since she had received the note, it would not seem nice to reject her.

Long Qingzhi was not busy, in any case. She gave this some more consideration and said, “You may inform her to come by in the afternoon.”

The housekeeper nodded and went ahead to make arrangements.

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Madam Li had not harbored high expectations when she sent the note to the Grand Princess of Ning Mansion.

She had heard only a little about the Grand Princess.

The Grand Princess seldom left the mansion since returning from Danjue and did not spend much time with the high-society wives in the capital.

When her servant informed her of the Grand Princess’ invitation for a visit in the afternoon, she felt like she was dreaming.

It was hard to believe that things were working so smoothly.

She collected her thoughts and immediately went to the room of her oldest daughter, Li Tong’er.

Li Tong’er was twenty-eight this year. She was a fair beauty and because of her delicate and dainty figure, she looked younger than her age. At a glance, she looked like she was in her early twenties rather than twenty-eight. Moreover, she had an aura of fragility about her that evoked a feeling of tenderness in anyone who met her.

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