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Chapter 1007: 1007

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Mother and son held each other’s hand as they walked to the front hall.

Madam Li and Li Tong’er had been led by the housekeeper to the hall and they were drinking tea at that moment.

When Long Qinzhi walked in with Zhi’er’s hand in hers, both mother and daughter immediately stood up and approached her in a bow.

Long Qingzhi was not someone who put on airs and allowed them to return to their seats immediately.

It was only then that Madam Li and Li Tong’er sat down.

Wanyan Zhi did not let Long Qingzhi carry him as there were outsiders around. He walked to another chair and sat in it like a little adult. His gaze swept casually across Madam Li and her daughter as he sized them up and later turned his gaze away with disinterest.

Long Qingzhi found this amusing when she noticed this.

Zhi’er must have thought there were going to be children of his age to play with him when he suddenly asked to accompany her here.

He must have felt slightly disappointed to see that they were all adults.

At the thought of this, Long Qingzhi found herself looking forward to Lu Liangwei’s child being born. That way, Zhi’er would have a playmate.

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Long Qingzhi’s gaze fell back onto Madam Li and Li Tong’er once more.

It was not someone she was familiar with. As the Grand Princess, there was no need for her to treat everyone in a friendly manner.

That was why she turned her gaze away after sweeping past them and said nothing.

She had a vague guess about Madam Li’s intentions when she spotted First Miss Li.

Her housekeeper had asked around and found out that First Miss Li, who had eloped with another man, had gone through a divorce and was forced to return home.

Moreover, with Madam Li’s sudden request to meet, Long Qingzhi could more or less guess what Madam Li wanted.

She smirked in her heart but stayed silent.

Madam Li found the situation slightly awkward.

She had heard that the Grand Princess did not like gossiping about others.

When she saw Long Qingzhi staying silent for quite a while, she had no choice but to start the conversation. “Grand Princess, this is Tong’er, my eldest daughter.”

Long Qingzhi nodded. “Nice to meet you, First Miss Li.”

She said nothing else.

Madam Li was secretly unhappy about Long Qingzhi not being able to read the room.

She had come to visit Long Qingzhi because she hoped Long Qingzhi would be able to meet Li Tong’er and create an opportunity for her to meet the Emperor.


She had been very clear with her intentions and anyone with some smarts would be able to understand this without her saying much.

If Tong’er could attract His Majesty, it would only benefit Long Qingzhi and she would suffer no loss.

Madam Li believed that Long Qingzhi had already sent someone to check Tong’er’s background the moment she received the note.

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Long Qingzhi must be aware that Tong’er was supposed to be the Empress chosen by the Emperor.

If not for Tong’er’s stupidity all those years ago, Lu Liangwei would never have had the opportunity to take the Empress’ seat.

Madam Li found herself seething with hate and regret, and unable to sleep at night every time she heard about how much the Emperor adored Lu Liangwei.

If not for her daughter’s terrible mistake, the Li Family name would have been so widely known that every person in the capital would be fighting to get into their good graces.

She believed that with her daughter’s character and beauty, she would definitely be able to win the heart of His Majesty and would be even more adored than Lu Liangwei was.

Madam Li thought of Lu Liangwei with slight disdain. To her, Lu Liangwei was but a young girl who had no amorous charm about her.

The Emperor must be now bored with Lu Liangwei.

As there was no reply from Long Qingzhi, Madam Li had to go ahead and finish the conversation since she was here.

Madam Li took out a handkerchief and wipe the corner of her eye, saying pitifully, “To be honest, Grand Princess, Tong’er has always led a bitter life. If not for the mistake she made all those years ago, she wouldn’t have ended up like this today…”

Madam Li was very good with words. She was able to go on for a long time even without Long Qingzhi replying to her.

Her words were filled with reminders of how Li Tong’er was the Empress that had been chosen by the Emperor, and if not for Li Tong’er’s mistake, she would be the Empress now.

Long Qingzhi turned back and saw Wanyan Zhi leaning against the chair, about to fall asleep. She turned back to Madam Li to say, “Madam Li, the prince needs to have his nap. I won’t accompany you here any longer. The garden has a beautiful view and if you have time, please feel free to have a walk there with your daughter.”

With that, she got up and carried Wanyan Zhi. She walked out without giving them both a second glance.

There was awkward silence from Madam Li.

Li Tong’er pulled on her mother’s sleeve with slight embarrassment. “Mother, let’s go home now.”

She had no idea what her mother had planned before this, but when she saw how her mother tried to gain the pity of the Grand Princess, she immediately knew what was going on.

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