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Chapter 102: Lu Liangwei Was Dismayed

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Lu Hetian was a little hesitant. “In that case, let’s forget about visiting your sister. She only had a fall anyway—she should be fine.”

Lu Liangwei understood his concern.

He probably suspected that she had not overcome her longing for Long Chi and was worried that she would be upset when seeing Long Chi at the Eastern Palace tomorrow, which was why he changed his mind.

“Father, don’t think about it too much. I’m not as fragile as you think, so the matter’s decided. As for Grandmother, please inform her.” Lu Liangwei was afraid that he would change his mind and quickly made the decision herself.

Lu Hetian was still a little worried.

With nothing to lose, Lu Liangwei latched herself onto his arm and swung it around in a cutesy manner. “Just promise me, Father.”

Lu Hetian immediately surrendered at the sight of his daughter’s adorable behavior. “Alright then, but you have to bring more people with you.”

Lu Liangwei nodded. “Okay.”

As long as her father and brother were not going with her, things would be much simpler.

What Lu Liangwei did not expect was that Lu Hetian would order his personal guards to follow her.

This squad of personal guards comprised a total of eight people, all highly trained in martial arts.

When she saw this personal guard squad, Lu Liangwei was dismayed.

How could she slip away to Sacred Hillock Peak from under their noses?

However, if she refused to let them follow, Lu Hetian would probably change his mind and not let her go to the holiday home alone.

Never mind then—she would come up with something once she got there.

Lu Liangwei went to the Eastern Palace first.

As soon as Lu Yunshuang returned to the Eastern Palace the day before, she immediately summoned an imperial physician to treat her injury.

Currently, she had applied an ointment to reduce the swelling and bruising on her face. After repeatedly confirming that she would not have to live with ugly scars, she finally breathed a sigh of relief.

However, she flew into a rage again when she saw her badly bruised face in the mirror.

The fancy porcelain objects on the table fell to the floor with a deafening crash.

“Why doesn’t this ointment work at all? They’re all a bunch of quacks.” A night had already passed, yet the swelling on her face showed no sign of receding.

The more Lu Yunshuang looked at herself, the angrier she got. In her fury, she swept the mirror onto the floor, shattering it into a million pieces.

Hong Xiu groaned inwardly and hurriedly tried to calm her down, “Don’t fret, Your Highness. The imperial physician said that you would need to apply the ointment for at least two consecutive days to see an improvement.”

Lu Yunshuang became even more furious at her words.

It would take two more days just to see a slight improvement. How could she show her face in front of the Crown Prince?

She had not seen the Prince since returning yesterday.

The Prince cared a lot about her, but she refused to let him see her in such an ugly and embarrassing state. He had come to visit a few times but was always turned away by her.

Hong Xiu trembled in fear and did not dare to speak anymore, afraid that the Crown Princess would unleash her anger on her.

At this moment, a servant outside the door said, “Your Highness, Second Miss Lu is here to see you.”

Hearing this, Lu Yunshuang immediately fumed, remembering how Lu Tingchen had laughed at her in front of the Grand Duke Mansion yesterday.

She then thought of Lu Liangwei’s beautiful face and became even more irritated.

Did Lu Liangwei come over to ridicule her?

She sneered and was about to find a reason to turn Lu Liangwei away when she suddenly thought of something and changed her mind.

She whispered something to Hong Xiu, then ordered the servant who was waiting outside, “Let her in.”

When Lu Liangwei entered, the mess of glass shards in the room had already been cleared away.

Lu Yunshuang was wearing a veil and lying on the couch by the window.

When she saw her, she moved slightly, looking extremely fatigued. “You’re here, Weiwei. Come sit down. I’m unwell, so I can’t get up to greet you.”

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