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Chapter 1022: 1022

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Lu Liangwei went to the Dowager Duchess’ side and asked, “Are you feeling tired, Grandmother?”

“I’ve had a nice time admiring the peach blossoms at the Western Gardens today, and I’ve even enjoyed a good imperial meal. How can I be tired?” The Dowager Duchess smiled widely and pulled on Lu Liangwei’s hand to sit down next to her.

Ling Lihua and Lin Qingyuan followed and sat beside them while listening to their conversation.

The room was filled with their closest people and the Dowager Duchess spoke freely. She looked at her little granddaughter and said seriously, “My child, if there are any future Palace banquets, it would be best for you to stop Madam Li and her daughter from entering the Palace. Don’t allow them to make appearances in front of His Majesty anymore.”

It was clear that Madam Li and her daughter were ambitious. Now that Li Tong’er had been divorced from her husband, she might have set her eyes on His Majesty.

This was a shameless pair of mother and daughter. They were jealous of Weiwei being pampered and adored. Did they really think that the Palace was an easy place to enter?

The Dowager Duchess was not a fan of the way Madam Li behaved. If these were normal circumstances, she would have ignored Madam Li.

However, their scheme involved His Majesty and it would affect her granddaughter. This made the Dowager Duchess quite angry. She was worried her granddaughter would end up being the victim, which was why she spoke up.

Lu Liangwei realized that her grandmother had been paying attention to Madam Li and her daughter earlier on.

It looked like many people had seen through their scheme today.

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She wondered what exactly gave Madam Li the confidence.

Madam Li was not being subtle about what she was planning.

Where did she get the confidence that His Majesty would set his eyes on her daughter?

Lu Liangwei found this incredulous.

“Don’t worry, Grandmother. I won’t allow them into the Palace again.” Even though Lu Liangwei did not take them to heart, she still made the promise to prevent her grandmother from worrying.

The Dowager Duchess was getting up on years and all she hoped was for her grandchildren to be happy and safe.

Even though Weiwei was a smart girl and there was nothing much to worry about her, she was still quite young and there might be times when she would be too soft-hearted.

The Dowager Duchess felt better after hearing Lu Liangwei’s reply.

It did not matter how often Madam Li and her daughter went around parading themselves, if they were not able to see His Majesty, any scheme they had was pointless.

“That’s good.” The Dowager Duchess sighed and patted Lu Liangwei’s hand.

Ling Lihua had no idea what was going on with Li Tong’er. She could not help feeling something strange when she saw Madam Li and her daughter, but could not put her finger on it. She finally understood the situation after hearing the Dowager Duchess’ words.

So, it seemed that they were setting their sights on her Emperor son-in-law.

A murderous look crossed her face, but she said nothing.

Some things did not need to be said out loud. She could handle this in private.

The Dowager Duchess and the others chatted for a while before saying their goodbyes and leaving the Palace.

They had just left the Palace when Long Yang returned. Lu Liangwei did not mention what had happened during the day.

Some things can be talked about once but not often, otherwise, it would just serve to annoy.

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Even though His Majesty doted on her, he would still be irritated by such matters.

What was important was that she understood His Majesty’s love for her. There was no reason to create any trouble between them over an unimportant person.

Long Yang had come back to accompany her for her afternoon nap.

He caressed her slightly sunburnt face and asked, “Are you feeling tired?”

Lu Liangwei shook her head. “I’m not tired. By the way, come back early for dinner. I’ll be waiting for you.”

“Alright.” Long Yang was very receptive to this considerate girl. He pulled her into his arms and headed toward the inner hall.


Long Yang came back quite early.

The moment he stepped into the gates of Grand Phoenix Palace, he saw the girl waiting in the long corridor, her head looked up expectantly, waiting for his arrival.

Long Yang paused momentarily and strode forward, pulling her into his arms.

“The weather may be slightly warmer but it’s cold at night. You might catch a cold standing here,” he frowned and berated softly.

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