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Chapter 1027: 1027

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The memory of how he had dragged her away by force in the palace made Madam Li seethe even more. “It’s all your fault for what happened today. If you hadn’t dragged us away so hastily, Tong’er could have had a chance to speak to the Emperor.”

Li Wei flared up at the mention of the matter and sneered. “You’re so gullible. If we hadn’t left in time, we wouldn’t have been able to leave at all. Do you take the Empress for a pushover? You think she’d let Tong’er seduce the Emperor in front of her?”

“Seduce? Why do you speak so unkindly? If Tong’er hadn’t abandoned the Empress’s throne, Lu Liangwei wouldn’t have stood a chance at all!”

Li Wei jolted at the sudden rise in Madam Li’s volume, and he quickly clapped a hand over her mouth. “Are you crazy? How could you shout the Empress’s name like that?”

Madam Li was a little sheepish. She had indeed spoken a little too loudly, but she could not help it when she was so bitter.

When she had finally quieted down, Li Wei removed his hand and said warningly, “You’d better watch your mouth. Otherwise, you’ll be the ones to suffer when I get stripped of my position as a court official.”

Despite her disagreement, Madam Li kept her voice low. “It can’t be that serious. Also, I’m not so foolish as to run my mouth to outsiders. I just find it a pity to see all the glory and honor that should have belonged to Tong’er stolen by Lu Liangwei. Don’t you think so too? If Tong’er becomes Empress, not only will you get promoted, but the Li Family’s social standing will improve, too.”

Li Wei fell silent.

Naturally, he thought it was a shame too.

However, this was fate—the fate that Tong’er had chosen when she cast the throne aside and eloped with another man.


Her elopement had always made him feel ashamed to stand among his fellow officials.

However, what could he do when things had already happened?

Tong’er’s return had actually ignited a spark of hope in him, but judging from how things had turned out today, it was apparent that the Emperor did not harbor that sort of interest in Tong’er.

“Forget it. This is our fate. You should stop your fruitless meddling.” After a long while, Li Wei sighed and admonished Madam Li.


Madam Li was exasperated at his cowardice.

“Why should we surrender to fate? How do you know it’ll be fruitless if we don’t even try? If the Emperor really had no feelings for Tong’er, why didn’t he punish her after all that shame she’d inflicted on him back then? He only put up a front today because the Empress was there.”

Her words stirred a ripple of hope in Li Wei’s heart.

Back then, the news of Tong’er’s elopement had spread throughout the entire imperial capital, but the Emperor had not punished her in the end. Because of that, he had indeed speculated that the Emperor was at least a little interested in Tong’er.

“You know how beautiful our Tong’er is. There are barely any women who can match her in that aspect.” Mentioning her daughter’s beauty always puffed up Madam Li with pride.

How many women in the entire imperial capital could rival Tong’er in terms of beauty?

Li Wei found himself starting to waver.

His career had been stagnant for many years, but if Tong’er could win the Emperor’s favor…

“What’s your plan?” he asked quietly.

Madam Li was smug to see that she had successfully convinced him.

All men cared about their future, and very few, if any, could give up their ambition.

Li Wei may pretend to be indifferent to fame and wealth, but if he were given a chance, he would still take the risk.

“What Tong’er needs now is an opportunity—an opportunity to meet the Emperor in private,” Madam Li declared, a little too confidently.

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Li Wei looked troubled. “The Emperor’s always in the palace and barely comes out. Unless he summons Tong’er, how will she find a chance to meet him?”

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