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Chapter 1038: The Emperor Was So Wicked   

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Halfway, Lu Liangwei managed to calm her ragged breathing. She tugged at his sleeve and whispered, “Can you put me down? I want to walk on my own.”

She was actually worried that her weight would tire him out.

After all, there was a significant distance between the imperial study and Grand Phoenix Palace.

Long Yang, however, carried her like she weighed nothing and did not seem burdened at all.

At her words, he glanced down at her. Sensing her concern, he felt his heart swell with an indescribable emotion, making him all warm and fuzzy inside.

This girl was worried about him!

The realization pleased him immensely.

Although he was a man, and a strong one at that, he was still happy that his woman cared about him.

To prove that he was capable of carrying her, he lifted her a few inches higher. “See? You’re not heavy. I can carry you.”

In fact, he could even carry one more of her.

Lu Liangwei was about to reply when he suddenly said, “Aren’t your legs weak anymore?”

Lu Liangwei did not understand what he meant at first, but when she did, she flushed in embarrassment and punched his chest.

“I don’t want to talk to you anymore.”

How dare he tease her when he was the one who had made her legs go weak!

Sulking, she buried her face in his chest to show that she was determined to ignore him.

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Long Yang was amused by her childlike behavior.

He patted her bottom. “Are you really not going to talk to me?”

Lu Liangwei pursed her lips, refusing to answer.

Long Yang pressed a kiss to the top of her head. “What do I have to do to make you talk to me?”

Hearing this, Lu Liangwei started going through all the possible options in her mind.

Seeing her go completely silent, Long Yang was at a loss for what to do. “How about you hit me?”

Exasperated, Lu Liangwei suddenly reached out and pinched him on the waist.

It did not hurt – in fact, the layer of clothes made it feel more like a tickle – but Long Yang suddenly let out a grunt.

Lu Liangwei, “…”

Behind them, Zhao Qian stopped abruptly in his tracks and stared suspiciously at his master walking ahead of him.

Did he hear wrong?

Lu Liangwei blushed furiously and poked Long Yang’s chest.

The Emperor was so wicked!

Ugh, how annoying!

Other people would think that she had done something unspeakable to him!

They continued squabbling all the way back to Grand Phoenix Palace.

When they reached the entrance, Long Yang finally put Lu Liangwei down.

Lu Liangwei was about to run off when he grabbed her wrist. “Be careful where you walk.”

Lu Liangwei shot him a look. “I’m not a child.”

Long Yang stroked her head. Given the yawning age gap between them, she was just like a child to him.

“Of course you’re not,” he murmured nonchalantly as he let go of her hand and pulled her into his embrace.

Zhu Yu and Chu Jiu had been waiting outside. When they spotted Lu Liangwei walking toward them with the Emperor’s arm around her, they immediately went forward to greet her.

“Miss, you’re finally back. The food’s getting cold. By the way, Miss Lin left in the afternoon.”

Lu Liangwei nodded and headed indoors with Long Yang.

Zhu Yu hurried inside to wait on her.

Chu Jiu stood guard outside the door.

She had followed the Empress to the imperial study in the afternoon, but when the Empress had not come out after a while, she had returned on her own.

Indoors, Long Yang helped Lu Liangwei remove her cloak, then led her to the bathroom to wash her hands.

“Did Lin Qingyuan come to the palace in the afternoon?”

Lu Liangwei nodded. “Yes.”

“What did she say to you?” he asked casually.

Gazing at his handsome face, Lu Liangwei blinked, then suddenly said, “She said she met Li Tong’er.”

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