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Chapter 1050: His Majesty Was Easy To Cajole

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“Someone had fallen into the water just now. Did you notice, Your Majesty?” Lu Liangwei was getting bored sitting there and began to strike up a conversation with Long Yang.

Long Yang did not even look at her. It was clear that he was still mad.

This did not bother Lu Liangwei, though.

It was not the first time His Majesty was being jealous.

Instead, she found His Majesty to be quite adorable when he was having his jealous bouts.

She propped an elbow on her knee and nestled her chin in her palms. The more he ignored her, the more she enjoyed teasing him. “If not for Lil Qi being a busybody, His Majesty might have fished himself a great beauty from the lake.”

Not far away, Chu Qi “…”

Was Her Highness not the one who was the busybody?

Long Yang felt even moodier when he saw how she was able to entertain herself so much by speaking to herself despite him ignoring her.

“Did you really not see her, Your Majesty? That was Li Tong’er. I wonder what was going through her mind to jump into the water.” Lu Liangwei believed that His Majesty was fully focused on fishing. He had not been disturbed at all even when he realized someone had fallen into the water.

The longer they knew each other, the deeper Lu Liangwei understood this man.

He had always been gentle when he was with her. He adored her endlessly, but when facing someone else, he would not give the other person so much as a glance.

Li Tong’er had given everything she had to try to get involved with His Majesty’s affairs, yet she did not even manage to cause a ripple in the end.

Even Lu Liangwei began to pity her!

However, Li Tong’er had been dealt a severe blow when she realized His Majesty did not care an ounce about whatever she did. It looked like she had given up on His Majesty for good now.

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This was just as well. It saved Lu Liangwei the time and energy to take care of her.

Long Yang finally turned to look at Lu Liangwei as he replied nonchalantly, “I didn’t see her.”

This girl was well aware that he would not look at another woman besides her, yet she still teased him about this.

So what if he did notice that someone had fallen into the water just now?

This was the imperial family home. Commoners could not come in and the person who fell must have been a servant in the imperial family home.

Besides Weiwei, the life or death of any other human did not concern him.

Lu Liangwei stared at the man’s stoic expression and she suddenly leaned in close to him and pecked him on the lips.

Long Yang’s expression finally softened; a smile appeared on his previously stony face, expressing the joy he felt now.

Lu Liangwei laughed quietly.

Even though His Majesty got jealous easily, he was also pretty easy to cajole.

Long Yang and Lu Liangwei would be staying the night at the imperial holiday home, which was why Zhu Yu stayed back in the courtyard to arrange work for the servants.

Even though they were just staying one night, she would still need to ensure His Majesty and her Miss had a comfortable stay.

The servants at the imperial family home might have already carried out one round of tidying, but Zhu Yu was still not satisfied.

She got the servants to clean everything from the courtyard to the inner room one more time, and she also inspected the decorations in the room in detail.

After she was done with her last checks and was sure nothing was left out, Zhu Yu was finally satisfied. She led a few Palace maids who were brought over from the Palace and waited outside the courtyard for their master and mistress to return.

However, an unwanted guest appeared before Long Yang and Lu Liangwei were back.

Zhu Yu’s expression changed when she saw the person at the door. “What are you doing here?”

Li Tong’er could only smile bitterly in her heart when she saw Zhu Yu treating her antagonistically.

She did not blame Zhu Yu for treating her this way.

Li Tong’er was silent for a while before saying, “I’d like to see Her Highness.”

She had been living a dream and now she had woken up. It was time for her to leave.

However, she would like to speak to Lu Liangwei once before leaving.


Zhu Yu recalled Li Tong’er’s impure intentions, and she spat brusquely, “Do you think you can see the Empress just because you want to? Some people just have no idea of their own status and are so full of themselves!”

Li Tong’er’s expression changed slightly. She felt embarrassed and annoyed.

However, she managed to control her temper and did not express her emotions openly.

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