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Chapter 1051: Complete Panic  

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At the end of the day, the young lady in front of her was just trying to protect her mistress.

Li Tong’er was now more mature than before, why would she bother locking horns with a young lady?

When she thought of this, Li Tong’er did not mind the rudeness so much anymore.

As she recalled what she herself had done in the past, Li Tong’er found that her behavior had been laughable.

When she was younger, she had believed Wu Sheng’s sweet talk and fell in love with him. She even turned her back on her family because of that man and eloped to a faraway land with him.

Then he had a change of heart and fell for another woman, eventually ending with Li Tong’er becoming a divorced woman.

She had lost her own opinions and followed all her mother’s instructions due to the embarrassment she had caused the Li Family. She had let herself be blinded by her mother’s promise of a luxurious and prosperous life, and had even begun to harbor intentions for someone she should not have approached in the first place.

Li Tong’er had thought she would be able to capture the heart of the noblest man in the world with her beauty.

She had no idea at the time that this plan of theirs was all for nothing. She had not been able to even garner even one look from the man since the beginning.

Lu Liangwei must have known this from the start and was never concerned about Li Tong’er at all.

The existence of Li Tong’er and her mother was nothing but a little spice of life in Lu Liangwei’s otherwise mundane life.


Yet, Li Tong’er and her mother had not realized this. Instead, they had basked foolishly in the delight of their scheme.

They had no idea that in the eyes of Her Highness, they were mere jesters providing her entertainment.

When Zhu Yu saw Li Tong’er was being silent, she did not continue speaking either. Zhu Yu simply swept her gaze past Li Tong’er brusquely.

Fortunately for her, Lu Liangwei and Long Yang returned very soon.

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Zhu Yu immediately stepped forward to welcome them back. “Miss.” She leaned in close to Lu Liangwei and said in a low voice, “I have no idea what is going on with the seductress. Do you want me to get a broom and sweep her out?”

Her voice was a little vicious and if Lu Liangwei had given her a nod, she was prepared to immediately shoo Li Tong’er out.

Lu Liangwei had spotted Li Tong’er standing there. She shook her head with a chuckle after she heard Zhu Yu’s words. “There’s no need for that.”

“But…” Even though Zhu Yu was speaking to her mistress, her eyes were focused on Li Tong’er as if she was prepared to kill the woman with nothing but her deathly stare.

“It’s fine.” Lu Liangwei patted Zhu Yu’s hand. “You should head inside first and make His Majesty some tea.”

Zhu Yu was a little grudging, but under her mistress’s ‘gentle’ stare, she had no choice but to go inside obediently.

Li Tong’er came forward to bow at Long Yang and Lu Liangwei.

Lu Liangwei said to Long Yang, “You should head inside first, Your Majesty. Miss Li might have something to say to me.”

Long Yang was worried about leaving her alone with a stranger. He was about to say something when Lu Liangwei quickly added, “Lil Qi will protect me.”

This convinced Long Yang to finally agree.

The smile on Lu Liangwei’s face faded slightly as she watched the man head indoors. She turned to Li Tong’er and said, “Miss Li, it’s a death sentence for barging into the imperial family home. May I know what would you like to say to me?”

Li Tong’er was shocked at those words, but she quickly calmed down and said confidently, “Your Highness isn’t someone who casually kills the innocent. If Your Highness wanted me dead, you would not allow me to be here alive and standing right now.”

“I don’t think you’re considered an innocent person,” Lu Liangwei said coolly.

Li Tong’er nodded. “Yes, that’s true. I was a fool before and did not look at myself clearly. However, this shall no longer be a problem and I implore Your Highness to give me another chance.”

Lu Liangwei did not reply but instead asked a question that did not seem to be related. “The housekeeper of the imperial family home was the one who let you in, am I right?”

Her tone made it sound like she was very sure about this.

This put Li Tong’er in a complete panic as she suddenly dropped to the floor on her knees. “Everything happened because of me. I shall take the responsibility on my own. I hope Your Highness will conduct a thorough investigation on this and not involve innocent parties.”

“Even if you did not approach me, I would still have come looking for you,” Lu Liangwei suddenly said. “It’s unusual for the imperial family home to suddenly have a stranger coming in. It does not matter if it was indeed the housekeeper who let you in. This is a responsibility he cannot shirk.”

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