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Chapter 1063: 1063

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Those were soldiers he had trained personally and he could not bear to see them die, but there was also the daughter he loved more than his life…

He looked at the grim-faced Emperor sitting behind the imperial table. He paused and said consolingly, “It’s not as serious as you think. There’s no need to blame yourself too much.”

Long Yang lifted his head to look at Lu Hetian. He knew Lu Hetian was not having an easy time as well.

“Yes, after Weiwei gives birth, I’ll make sure the Grand Duchess immediately heads to the frontier to give help.”

Lu Hetian nodded and promised, “Don’t worry. I’ll find a way to control the situation at the frontier and hold the fort until Lihua arrives.”

Back at the Grand Duke Mansion, Lu Hetian did not want the Dowager Duchess to be worried, so he hid the situation from her. The only person he told was Ling Lihua.

Ling Lihua’s chest tightened at this. She asked worriedly, “Will Tingchen be okay?”

Lu Hetian said airily, “He’s stronger than a bull. Nothing will happen to him.”

Ling Lihua found herself unable to laugh even when her son was described that way.

The situation was quite dire at the frontier. It would not be possible for her son to take a back seat.

It was dangerous for him to stay at the frontier.

However, she was unable to abandon Weiwei either.

“Why must this happen at a time like this?” She frowned, worry gripping her heart.

Lu Hetian held her shoulders and his eyes narrowed. “This must be someone’s plan. Someone is trying to create trouble.”

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Ling Lihua caught the hidden meaning in his words and looked at him. “What do you mean?”

“There are two Princes who are eyeing the title of the Emperor. I wouldn’t believe it if you told me this has nothing to do with them.”


“Do you mean that they would take this opportunity to stir up trouble?” Ling Lihua was astonished.


“What are you going to do…”

“I’ll leave for the frontier tomorrow and check the progress of the situation there. When the time comes, I’ll send you news of the soldiers’ condition. It would be best if you can create a cure for them.” Lu Hetian shared his plans with her.

Ling Lihua frowned and thought deeper into this. “You’re heading to the frontier too? Could this be the enemy’s plan to trick you to go there? With you and Tingchen guarding the frontier, any traitors trying to create trouble back in the imperial capital could slip in and cause serious danger.”

“I’ve discussed this possibility with His Majesty. Don’t underestimate our son-in-law’s years of experience in the Emperor’s seat. Don’t worry, he still has some tricks up his sleeve even without me and Tingchen around. He won’t allow the imperial capital to fall into danger,” Lu Hetian said confidently.

Ling Lihua was slightly relieved upon hearing them.

“Remember to be careful on your way to the frontier tomorrow,” she reminded him.

“I know. There’s no need to worry about me. Just wait for my news. I’ll have to trouble you to take care of Mother and Weiwei, especially Weiwei with that huge belly of hers…” Lu Hetian became extremely worried at the mention of his daughter.

“Don’t worry about Weiwei, but how am I going to explain to Mother when you’re hiding the fact of traveling to the frontier tomorrow from her?”

The Dowager Duchess was intelligent and astute. It was not going to be easy to hide such a thing from her.

“Just tell her that His Majesty is sending me on a work trip to the Ji Prefecture indefinitely.” Lu Hetian had already thought up an excuse.

Ling Lihua sighed. “I guess that’s all we can do.”

Meanwhile, after being thrown out of the Palace by Zhao Qian, Xu Chen lingered in the streets.

He was at a crossroads. He considered returning to the Grand Duke Mansion to report the matter to the Dowager Duchess and requesting for her to do something.

The Dowager Duchess would support the idea of sending the Grand Duchess to the frontier as she was an understanding and highly loyal person.

However, could she convince His Majesty?

If His Majesty refused to change his mind, it would be a waste of time for Xu Chen to talk to the Dowager Duchess.

Not to mention, the Dowager Duchess was now up there in her years. If she found out about this, it would only be adding to her worries.

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