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Chapter 1065: 1065

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Chu Jiu was well aware that Her Highness and Heir Presumptive Lu were close, but His Majesty had stated clearly that Her Highness should never find out what had happened at the imperial court today.

This man must be bringing news of the frontier, and it was not good news.

She did not want Her Highness to be affected by this.

When Zhu Yu stubbornly refused to budge, the only thing Chu Jiu could do was lower her voice and say, “Zhu Yu, this is His Majesty’s wish. You should get out of the way, or you won’t be able to handle the consequences.”

Zhu Yu was stunned. Chu Jiu took the opportunity to push her aside. She dragged Xu Chen off and quickly walked out.

Chu Jiu might be skinny, but she had no trouble dragging a man larger than herself.

However, she quickly stopped as she stared in shock at the girl currently blocking her way.

“Your Highness…”

There was a smile on Lu Liangwei’s face as she tenderly caressed her belly. “Jiu, what are you hiding from me? What do you mean by His Majesty’s wish? Why are you stopping me from seeing my brother’s personal guard?”

Chu Jiu’s lips moved, but she could not give an answer.

Lu Liangwei took a deep breath and lowered her eyes. “His Majesty must have his reasons for doing this, but I’m not such a weak person. I can take any bad news that comes to me. Tell me. I’m listening.”

Chu Jiu pressed her lips and it took her quite a while before she replied in a low voice, “I’m not exactly sure of the details. All I know is that something had happened at the frontier.”

Lu Liangwei was taken aback, but did not continue with her questioning. She turned to Zhu Yu and Manna to say, “Take this man to the small medicinal room.”

Zhu Yu and Manna walked up and escorted Xu Chen away from Chu Jiu.

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Lu Liangwei quickly followed behind.

Chu Jiu gave a start and quickly helped Lu Liangwei as she walked.

Lu Liangwei gave her an unhappy glare. “Jiu, I thought you were on my side.”

Chu Jiu felt a little guilty, but she did not regret this. She fell silent for a while before replying, “I am on your side, but I feel the same as His Majesty does, and I just want you to be safe and sound.”

Lu Liangwei was slightly taken aback but did not say anything. All she did was sigh in exasperation.

She gave Xu Chen a Mind Clearing Pill and he soon woke up.

He quickly jumped to the ground and knelt with a slam when he saw Lu Liangwei.

“Second Miss, I…”

“Zhu Yu, take Manna and stand guard outside.” Lu Liangwei suddenly interrupted him.

Zhu Yu paused, but did not hesitate. She quickly brought Manna out and shut the doors to the room.

Chu Jiu found this a little strange, but remembered that Manna was still from Danjue, after all. Even though she has been serving Her Highness, it was hard to say if she harbored any undesirable intentions.

It was prudent of Her Highness to do so.

Lu Liangwei sat down in a chair next to her and said to Xu Chen, “Stand up and speak.”

Xu Chen was astonished to see how big her belly was.

He suddenly understood why His Majesty had chosen to abandon the soldiers at the frontier by getting the Grand Duchess to stay back.

He once lived next to a pregnant woman when he was a child and her belly was just as big as the one he saw now. She had later died of difficult labor…

A chill ran down his spine as he cursed himself for even thinking about that.

Fortune would shine on Second Miss and nothing like that would happen to her.

He was suddenly hesitant on telling her the truth.

When Lu Liangwei saw how he was struggling internally, she frowned and asked, “You risked execution and barged into Grand Phoenix Palace to see me. Surely you can’t just be asking me to sit here and look at your bitter face?”

Xu Chen smiled bitterly as he gave this some consideration. He finally made his decision and told her the truth about what was happening at the frontier.

Lu Liangwei was shocked when she heard the situation described to her. “The soldiers were infected by an unknown sickness overnight?”

“That’s right. Even the army physicians can’t do a thing about it. The Heir Presumptive had even gotten some commoner physicians, but they could not do a thing about it either. Some of them even ended up being infected themselves.” Xu Chen began to get anxious again when he started talking about this.


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