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Chapter 107: Second Miss Lu Is Too Ruthless

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Chapter 107: Second Miss Lu Is Too Ruthless

After Lu Liangwei finally managed to escape from the guards’ surveillance and slip out from the holiday home, she headed toward Sacred Hillock Peak without stopping.

At this moment, she was thankful that the original Lu Liangwei’s horse-riding skills were fairly decent, and with the original host’s memories, she faced no difficulty in going to Sacred Hillock Peak alone.

She did not have much time. The longer she delayed, the more likely it was that the guards would realize that she was missing.

She needed to act fast, trying to reach Sacred Hillock Peak as soon as possible.

At that time, even if the guards find out and come searching for her, she would not be worried.

If her father, brother, and grandmother asked her, she would say that she came to Sacred Hillock Peak to find a miracle herb. Although she would not escape a lengthy scolding and punishment, it did not matter as long as she found the herb she wanted.

“Giddy up!”

She cracked her whip and spurred the horse into a gallop.

Sacred Hillock Peak was not too far away from the capital, but it was in a remote area where humans seldom set foot.

Moreover, Sacred Hillock Peak’s notorious reputation of being dangerous had stopped many an adventurer who wished to explore its realm.


The galloping horse was suddenly reined in.

Lu Liangwei sat on the horse, her beautiful eyes widening slightly as she stared at a person blocking the road in front of her. Her heart sank.

Was it a bandit?

Would it be too late for her to turn back now?

However, she was puzzled.

This place was only ten miles away from the imperial capital. Surely there was no way bandits could be here.

Moreover, the kingdom was peaceful under Long Yang’s governance, and the people lived and worked in contentment, especially in the imperial capital area. It was unheard of for bandits to run rampant here.

However, this man who had suddenly planted himself in the middle of the road really looked like a bandit.

The man wore a straw hat on his head and carried a large saber on his shoulder, and his clothes were covered in dust. He looked exactly like how bandits were described in stories.

“Who are you, sir?” Lu Liangwei suppressed her surprise and called out in a loud voice.

She was determined to go to Sacred Hillock Peak. There was no way she would cancel her plan because of this person’s sudden appearance.

If she could not go this time, it would be practically impossible for her to find a next time after her family found out.

“Everything in this area belongs to me. If you want to pass through, you’ll have to leave your money behind,” the man wearing the straw hat suddenly said.

Startled, Lu Liangwei tightened her grip on the reins. Was this man really a bandit?

She narrowed her eyes. All of a sudden, she raised her whip and cracked it heavily on the horse’s back.

Letting out a pained neigh, the horse raised its hooves and charged forward at lightning speed.

“Get out of the way. If you won’t, don’t blame me if you get hurt.”

The straw hat man had his head lowered when he heard the girl’s sudden cry. “If you don’t want to die, get out of the way!”

Sensing that something was wrong, he looked up, and his careless expression changed in an instant.

Oh god, this girl was ruthless.

Seeing that the girl was about to crash into him with her horse, he jumped in shock, dropping his cool facade. He turned on his heels and ran. “Master, Second Miss Lu is too ruthless. She wants to kill me.”

Hearing his words, Lu Liangwei was so astonished she almost fell off her horse.

She was sure that she did not recognize the straw hat man. Although she did not see his face clearly, his voice was unfamiliar. She had never heard it before.

However, he knew her identity. Also, who was this master he spoke of?

Lu Liangwei got her answer very soon.

A handsome chestnut horse was standing at the intersection ahead. A man in a dark blue cloak sat on the horse, eyeing her coolly.

Lu Liangwei was stunned when she saw him.

She quickly reacted by pulling on the reins.

However, the horse was galloping too fast. Although it slowed down when she reined it in, it only came to a complete stop when it reached in front of the man.

Gaping at the man on his horse opposite her, Lu Liangwei could not hide her bewilderment. “Why are you here?”

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