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Chapter 1078: 1078

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If not for his Royal Uncle saving them, he and his mother would have died in the hands of Long Chi’s mother.

It might just be a small matter to his Royal Uncle, but to Long Xuan, it was a great debt deserving of gratitude. He and his mother would not be here without his Royal Uncle’s help.

He remembered the first time he laid eyes on his Royal Uncle.

It was like a God had descended from the sky when his Royal Uncle appeared. From that day onward, the young Long Xuan was filled with nothing but admiration and respect for his Royal Uncle.

Long Yang was like a father to him

Long Xuan both respected and adored the man.

He had been working secretly for his Royal Uncle all these years. Now, it was finally the time for him to formally repay this debt to his Royal Uncle.

Long Chi was his younger brother. They shared the same father but had different mothers.

Long Chi was born to be an outstanding and noble man, while Long Xuan had almost fallen victim to Long Chi’s mother quite a few times.

It was time for them to go head-to-head.

“There’s still time,” Long Yang said calmly. “We’ll talk about this again in a few days.”

Long Xuan did not say anything more when he heard this.

He knew there must be a reason for Long Yang to say this.

“Go home and settle things with your mother first. Be prepared and wait for my edict.” Long Yang gave Long Xuan the instruction after they were done with lunch.

“Yes, Royal Uncle. I shall return and wait for your imperial edict.” Long Xuan smiled and revealed his white teeth. He was like a burst of sunshine.


Lu Liangwei asked about the situation at Xuyang after Long Xuan left.

“Why don’t you end this in one fell stroke and put a stop to Long Chi before he gains more influence? Why are you giving him room to breathe?”

Long Yang stood in the corridor with his hands behind his back. “I’m waiting.”

“Waiting for what?”

“If Long Xiao does not intend to rebel, I will pass the responsibility of stopping Long Chi to him.”

“If he pretends he has no such intentions and heads to Xuyang under the guise of stopping Long Chi, you would have two traitors on your hands. Wouldn’t you be giving them the chance to band together?” Lu Liangwei frowned.

One chopstick was easy to break, but put two together and it would be more difficult to snap them.

If Long Chi and Long Xiao joined forces and decided to work together, it would be far more difficult to stop them even if the capital sent soldiers after them.

Moreover, the situation at the frontier had not yet stabilized and a rebellion was happening. Things would get out of control soon.

She knew there was a reason for His Majesty to make this decision, but she still wanted an answer to her question.

“I want to give Long Xiao another chance.” Long Yang pressed his fingers to the spot between his eyes. His voice was low and there was a small hint of helplessness in it.

Lu Liangwei understood in an instant.

His Majesty still cherished the brotherly relationship he had with Long Xiao.

However, Long Xiao would end up disappointing Long Yang two days later.

Long Xiao had begun his rebellion in Xiangyang.

Long Yang had now lost all hope in Long Xiao. He did not even bother to request a surrender from his brother and instead sent out several imperial edicts.

The first imperial edict ordered Long Xuan to bring an army with him to Xuyang to stop the rebellion there. The second imperial edict was to order an old general to head to Xiangyang.

The general was of the surname Guo. He had worked under the late Grand Duke when he was younger and had been personally taught by the Grand Duke.

The man had years of experience on the battlefield and was well-versed in the art of war. The most important trait about him, however, was his loyalty to the imperial court.

Long Yang sent him to stop the rebellion at Xiangyang.

Long Xuan had been newly appointed by Long Yang and it was the first time his officials met him.

Everyone was initially doubtful of Long Xuan, but they could feel a cold, sharp presence coming from where the young man stood, like how a powerful sword would emanate its prowess even when it was not out of its sheath.

Many of the officials had no objections when they found out he was Crown Prince Jianzhang’s son from a secondary wife.

It would certainly be an interesting battle when the brothers faced each other.

However, there were some who questioned this.

They were still brothers, after all, and would Long Xuan possibly turn against the imperial court when the time came?

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