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Chapter 1085: 1085

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Lu Liangwei was stunned.

This scene was all too familiar.

When she had just arrived here last year, this girl had been at her bedside, and this time, she was still here beside her.

Touched, she smiled at her and lifted a hand to graze her cheek. “What are you crying for?”

Zhu Yu choked back a sob, unable to speak.

Lu Liangwei looked at her quietly. A thought came to her mind, and she turned her head to search her surroundings.

When she did not see the familiar figure anywhere in the room, her heart sank in disappointment.

She thought that the Emperor would be the first person she saw after waking up.

Unfortunately, the Emperor was not by her side.

However, it was the Emperor’s first time being a father, and to two children at that. He must be overwhelmed with joy and also occupied with the newborns right now.

She comforted herself.

Noticing her puzzlement, Zhu Yu explained, “His Majesty’s next door, taking care of the Prince and Princess.” She forced a smile. “The Prince and Princess are really lovely. The Dowager Duchess is with them too. I’ll go and inform them that you have woken up.”

“All right.”

Soon, Chief Physician Lin and Imperial Physician Wu hurried in, incredulity visible in their eyes.

They performed a series of examinations on Lu Liangwei.

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After repeatedly making sure that her pulse was stable and that she was in good condition, they finally let out sighs of relief.

Both of them collapsed onto the floor, too worn out to care about their image.

Lu Liangwei looked at them in amusement. “Thank you for your hard work.”

Suppressing his disbelief, Chief Physician Lin waved a hand. “Heaven always blesses good people like you, Your Highness. I’m just glad that you’re fine. Now I can finally go back and rest – this ancient body of mine might crumble from fatigue anytime.”

Lu Liangwei recalled her soul leaving her body. Everyone must have thought that she was dead when it happened.

She shuddered a little at the memory of her soul being separated from her body.

What would have happened if she had not come back?

She could not bear to leave the Emperor and her children as well as her beloved family and friends.

Thank goodness she came back.

Remembering the flash of golden light that had sent her back, Lu Liangwei shed a grateful tear.

Not long after, a flurry of erratic footsteps sounded outside the door.

When she looked up and saw the man’s disheveled hair, bloodshot eyes, and stubble on his usually clean chin, she widened her eyes in shock.

What had the Emperor done to himself?

She propped herself up in surprise. “Your Majesty?”

With a few strides, the man dashed over and wrapped her in his crushing embrace, burying his head in the curve of her neck.


The man’s broken voice entered Lu Liangwei’s ear, and the next instant, she felt something warm and wet drip down her neck.

Lu Liangwei felt her heart tremble. Was the Emperor…crying?

Her eyes immediately reddened at the realization.

She had also thought that she would never see the Emperor again.

At the sight of the Emperor and Empress locked in an embrace, the palace servants’ eyes turned red.

There was still a lingering fear in their hearts as they recalled the past few days when the Empress had lain motionlessly in bed.

The Emperor had gone hysterical and wanted to kill everyone – even the Prince and Princesses – as retainer sacrifices.

At the most critical moment, the Dowager Duchess, Butler Zhao, Chu Qi, and a few others managed to restrain the Emperor and lock him up, and Chief Physician Lin even gave him coma-inducing medicine for good measure.

The Dowager Duchess had only roused the Emperor after receiving news of the Empress regaining consciousness.

The Dowager Duchess stumbled in after the Emperor with the help of Aunt Lan.

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