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Chapter 1092: Long Yang Hugged Her From Behind

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Long Qingzhi was delighted to see him behaving this way.

Zhi’er looked just like any other child and he was smiling quite often.

As a mother, it was not her wish for her child to achieve great things. She was content as long as her child grew up healthy and happy.

Lu Liangwei also witnessed Wanyan Zhi’s change and when she saw how happy the boy was, she smiled and said, “Zhi’er, you shouldn’t be taking sides. Don’t forget you have another cousin. She would want you to play with her as well.”

Struck by a sudden thought, Wanyan Zhi hurried over next to Lu Liangwei.

Lu Liangwei was carrying the little princess in her arms.

The little princess was a beautiful child and after a few days of feeding, her eyes had grown even bigger than before. Her skin was pink and tender; she was fair and adorable.

Wanyan Zhi fell into a daze as he stared at her. “Little sister is prettier than little brother.”

Lu Liangwei smiled. “Are you saying your cousin is not good-looking? He might cry if he heard that.”

“No, no, it’s not that.” Wanyan Zhi quickly shook his head when he heard this. “Lil Cousin is good-looking too. It’s just…” He did not know how to describe the feeling. All he was sure about was that both his cousins were beautiful, soft babies.

Lu Liangwei knew what he was trying to say.

Her son might be a baby who needed nursing, but he somehow gave off the vibe of a mature adult.

He was such a little thing and it was a wonder how he could possess such an aura.

Lu Liangwei found this quite amazing.

She looked at her daughter in her arms. The little girl’s face was a healthy pink and her eyes were playful and spirited. Lu Liangwei could not help but wonder if this girl had been bullying her big brother while they were in the womb, which caused the baby boy to turn out this way.

“Do you mean to say that the little boy is too quiet and not as playful as his sister?”

Wanyan Zhi gave this some thought and nodded. That was exactly what he wanted to say.

His little cousin may be a boy who could be his playmate in the future, but when the baby tugged at him, he felt a little frightened for some reason.

Wanyan Zhi was a little puzzled by that. He could not understand why the small boy would make him feel like that despite being just a baby.

However, he could already tell that he should not be getting on this little cousin’s bad side in the future.

His little girl cousin was more fun to be with.

Lu Liangwei felt a little regretful that she could not breastfeed her babies due to her poor health.

She wanted to feed them personally, but she could not produce the needed milk.

Fortunately, the two nannies were specially picked for the job. They had enough milk, were efficient, and experienced. They took care of both children very well.

When Long Yang returned at night, Lu Liangwei was sitting at the side of the bed, watching her two children as they slept.

She did not even realize Long Yang had walked over.

Long Yang hugged her from behind.

She gave a start and turned to look at him. “You’re back.”

“Yes. What were you thinking about?” Long Yang’s chin rested on her shoulder as he asked softly.

“I was thinking of what names you gave the children.” She was reminded of the conversation with Long Qingzhi earlier in the day and smiled as she replied.

“I’ve decided the names long ago.” Long Yang took out a piece of paper and handed it to her.

Lu Liangwei took the paper and unfolded it.

There were two names written on it with powerful brush strokes.

Lu Liangwei read them out softly, “Long Yin, Long Ying.”

She took one look and knew that Long Yin was a boy’s name. It signified heritage and passing on a legacy. The name alone would make the boy sound quite formidable.

Lu Liangwei liked it a lot.

As for Long Ying, there was no doubt that it was the name of the little princess.

The little princess was sure to grow up to become a great beauty. It would be perfect if she had a lovely voice to match it.

The siblings’ names also sounded similar, which His Majesty must have taken into great consideration when choosing their names.

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