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Chapter 1093: Long Yang’s Hope

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However, Lu Liangwei felt that Long Ying’s name sounded too much like a boy’s name—it was too masculine.

Long Yang noticed her frown and asked, “You don’t like it?”

“It’s not like that. The names are really nice, but Long Ying sounds too much like a boy’s name.” Lu Liangwei’s fingers brushed against the words on the paper.

Long Yang repeated the words ‘Long Ying’ and suddenly felt that it indeed sounded too masculine. It was not suited for a girl. “Do you have any ideas for her name?”

Lu Liangwei gave this some thought and said, “How about adding the character ‘Yao’ at the end? Long Yinyao. What do you think?”

A glint appeared within Long Yang’s deep eyes and his fist clenched slightly. A long moment passed before he replied. “If you think that’s a good name, we’ll go with it.”

Lu Liangwei gave him a strange look. “Why does it feel like you’re just humoring me? What do you mean by ‘we’ll go with it’? Don’t you like the word? ‘Yao’ means wonderful and precious.”

Long Yang felt an ache in his heart but he did not dare let it show. He said hoarsely, “You’re right. Let’s call her Long Yinyao.”

Delighted, Lu Liangwei turned to look at her two babies.

They were now asleep and looked more pink and tender than ever. Lu Liangwei’s heart softened as she cooed gently, “You’ll be called Long Yin and Long Yinyao from now on. Yin’er, Yaoyao, what wonderful names.”

Long Yang’s fingers were quietly clenched around his knees.

“Weiwei, I just remembered that there is an important secret document in the imperial study that I have yet to go through. You should go to bed first. I’ll be back later.”

Lu Liangwei was completely focused on her babies and did not suspect his words. She said offhandedly, “It’s dark now. You shouldn’t be working so late. Come back early for bed.”

“Alright.” Long Yang kissed her on the forehead before getting up to leave.

Lu Liangwei’s focus returned to her two babies.

At that moment, the nannies came in and said, “Your Highness, let me carry the little prince and little princess next door for them to sleep.”

Lu Liangwei was reluctant to leave her children. She wanted them by her side every day and to hug them to sleep every night.

However, she could not provide them with milk.

The children would want to be fed at midnight and if they spent the night with her, it would be too much trouble for the nannies to run back and forth.

“You should get some rest first. You can carry them next door when the kids wake up later.” Lu Liangwei decided she simply could not leave them; having them by her side cheered her up tremendously.

The nannies understood how difficult it was to separate a mother and her child so she did not say anything else. They simply said, “We’ll leave for now. Just call for us if there is anything you need, Your Highness.”

“Alright.” Lu Liangwei nodded.

There were two nannies. One was named Chen, and the other was Wang. They took care of the children very well and Lu Liangwei respected them in return.

The imperial study.

Long Yang asked Zhao Qian again, “Is there any news?”

The shine in Zhao Qian’s eyes dimmed as he lowered his head. “No.”

Long Yang was silent for quite a while before he waved Zhao Qian off, gesturing for him to leave.

Zhao Qian sighed dejectedly. Before he left the room, he saw his Master taking a piece of paper out of his pocket.

Long Yang unfolded the piece of paper and stared at the name written there. His eyes turned red.

He had prepared the two children’s names much earlier, while this one had been thought up only recently.

His slender fingers brushed against the word ‘Yao’ and he felt a sharp stab of pain in his heart.

Just as Weiwei had explained, the word ‘Yao’ meant being wonderful and cherished.

He shut his eyes and crumpled the paper in his hand.

He wished dearly for the child to be safe and be free of all trouble.

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