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Chapter 1094: Noticed By Lu Liangwei

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At this thought, he took out another piece of paper from behind the imperial desk. He lifted a brush from his brush holder and dipped it in ink. Then he wrote two words on the paper.

Long Ji.

He stared at the words for quite a while. He remembered what Weiwei had earlier said and added an extra character behind the word ‘Ji’.

Long Ji’er.

He touched the words with his fingers.

‘Ji’er, I hope you can be free from all calamities and turn your ill-fortune into blessings.’

If the heavens could hear his prayer and help his Ji’er get through all adversities, he was willing to give up ten years of his life in exchange for Ji’er’s safety.

He sat there for a moment but did not stay too long in case Weiwei suspected something.

The ink on the paper had dried and he folded it up once more, then kept it in a perfume satchel he would bring with him everywhere.

When he returned to Grand Phoenix Palace, Lu Liangwei was lying down next to the two babies. She had not gone to sleep yet and was still watching them.

Long Yang walked in quietly and his heart sank once more when he saw how much love was in her gaze as she looked at her two children.

Weiwei would undoubtedly break down if she found out what happened to the third child.

She loved her children so much.

“Why aren’t you asleep yet?” He sat down at the side of the bed and looked at her affectionately.

Lu Liangwei glanced at him and pointed to the two children, saying softly, “Look at how beautifully they’re growing. It feels like I can’t get enough no matter how much I look at them.”

Long Yang knew she must have gone through unimaginable pain during the few days she was unconscious, which made it all the more difficult for her to be away from him and the children.

“It’s already late and the children are asleep. It’ll be just the same if you see them tomorrow. You’re still in confinement. You should be careful not to tire your eyes out,” Long Yang told her gently.

“Let me watch them a little more and then I’ll go to sleep.” Lu Liangwei’s voice was very soft as she was afraid of disturbing the children.

Long Yang was about to carry the children away, but Long Yin suddenly opened his eyes to stare at his father quietly.

This child was quite different from the others. He did not cry much after the day he was born.

Even after waking up now, he did not cry either.

As though they shared a deep sibling bond, when the older brother woke up, the little sister followed suit.

Long Yinyao was the polar opposite of her older brother.

It was as though she was afraid no one knew she had woken up; she opened her mouth and bawled loudly, like how she did when she was hungry or had wet herself.

Her voice was particularly loud and sharp. The entire Grand Phoenix Palace could hear her clearly.

Shocked, Lu Liangwei glared at Long Yang. “You must have spoken too loudly and woke them both up.”

Long Yang looked at her helplessly. He was sure that he had been very gentle with them.

However, there was nothing Long Yang could do when Long Yinyao started crying. He reached out to carry her, but Lu Liangwei had gotten up and picked up her screaming daughter before Long Yang could.

Long Yang stared at his quietly obedient son and paused for a moment before carrying him instead.

“Don’t cry, Yaoyao. I’m here…”

Lu Liangwei comforted Long Yinyao for quite a while before the baby girl finally stopped crying. However, there were still beads of tears on her face and Lu Liangwei’s heart went out to her. She quickly fished out her handkerchief to wipe Long Yinyao’s face.

Long Yang was carrying Long Yin in his arms. He was quite satisfied with his son’s personality.

Long Yin did not cry or make trouble, and was exceptionally obedient. He did not demand much worry from others.

Of course, this was to be expected as he was a boy. Yinyao was a girl and it was okay for her to cry more often.

However, Long Yang felt depressed every time he looked at Long Yinyao.

That child looked exactly like Yinyao, but their fates were completely different.

One was a golden child who would grow up in the Palace, adored by everyone, while the other… No one even knew if she was still alive.

Long Yang’s abnormal reaction was noticed by Lu Liangwei.

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