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Chapter 1099: 1099

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After a round of examinations, the physician concluded that the boy had not injured his eyes and that the blood was from a scrape at the corner of one eye. However, there was an injury on the back of his head, and the physician speculated that the trauma could possibly affect his vision.

“So you’re saying that he might go blind?” The hunter’s eyes widened in shock.

The physician nodded. “It’s possible, but any further diagnosis will have to wait until he wakes up.”

At his words, the hunter’s wife offered, “Since it’s getting dark, and this boy may only wake up tomorrow, would you mind staying the night in our house and examining him when he wakes up?”

After all, the town was a ways off from here, and it would be a waste of energy and time for him to go back and forth.

Fortunately, the hunter had found one of the most compassionate physicians in town.

Seeing how severe the boy’s injuries were, he pondered for a moment before accepting her request. “Then I’ll have to trouble you tonight.”

The hunter’s wife was overjoyed. “Not at all! We can’t thank you enough for agreeing to stay.”

The physician stroked his beard. Clearly, this couple had kind hearts, and he loved befriending kind people the most.

“I can see that your encounter with this young man was by chance, yet you were willing to take him in and help him find a physician. You’re good-hearted and virtuous people, and Heaven will reward you with good fortune in the future,” he said sincerely.

He was not originally from the town. He had spent his youth traveling the world and had only settled down there a few years ago.

After encountering countless people throughout his life, he could tell at a glance that this couple had good hearts.

The hunter was a little embarrassed by his compliment.

His wife smiled. “You’re too kind, sir. We didn’t really do anything.”

As she spoke, the baby girl woke up and gave a small whimper, but did not cry.

It was as if she understood the situation she was in and restrained herself from crying.

The hunter’s wife quickly scooped her into her arms.

After drinking that bit of rice soup, the baby already seemed much healthier than she had been in the morning.

Her bright, black eyes stared at the hunter’s wife, seeming to study her.

The woman’s heart melted at the sight.

“What a lovely child. I’ve never seen such a beautiful baby before.”

The hunter’s wife was starting to find it difficult to let go of the little girl.

Seeing this, the elderly physician smiled. “It seems that you were fated to meet. Since you rescued her, you might as well consider taking her as your daughter.”

His words spoke right to the woman’s heart, but she was still a little hesitant. “But how can we take her for ourselves when her father’s still lying unconscious in bed?”

“Well, you can always take her as your goddaughter,” the physician suggested. He could tell that this couple was childless, as he had yet to see any other form of human presence grace their cold, cheerless front yard.

The hunter’s wife was moved by the idea, but she still said, “Let’s not rush this. We’ll decide when the young man wakes up.” Thinking of something, she hurriedly held out the baby girl to the physician. “Could you also examine her pulse and check if she’s injured anywhere?”

The physician heeded her request and took the baby’s pulse.

After a while, he released his hold and said, “This girl’s perfectly healthy, but I think she’s hungry. You should get her something to eat.”

Hearing this, the hunter’s wife exclaimed guiltily, “Gosh, this muddled brain of mine! I was too caught up in our conversation!” Thrusting the child into her husband’s arms, she turned and headed off to prepare the food.

She had made some rice soup at noon, and had left it on the stove to keep it warm.

Soon, she returned with a bowl of rice soup, which she fed bit by bit to the baby.

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