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Chapter 1103: 1103

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Lin Qingyuan cast her a significant glance. “Obviously I’m here to see the young Prince and Princess.” She moved close to Long Qingzhi and gazed at the young Princess in her arms, her heart full of mixed emotions.

The child was already half a month old, and her facial features had become more distinct. She was now a lovely, fair-cheeked little bundle of delight.

“Please let me hold her, Your Highness.” She stretched her arms out to Long Qingzhi and looked at her longingly.

Long Qingzhi smiled and nodded. “My arms were getting sore, anyway. You came just in time.” She got up and passed Long Yinyao to her.

Cradling the child in her arms, Lin Qingyuan suddenly felt a sharp, stabbing pain in her heart.

That day, she had also been the one holding the other baby girl in her arms.

However, the Emperor had gone mad all of a sudden and charged at her.

Before she had been able to react, he had seized the child from her.

She had tried to snatch the child back, but had ended up being hurled to the floor by the Emperor.

She had hit her forehead on the hard floorboard and bled profusely.

Afterward, when she heard that Weiwei had regained consciousness, she wanted to visit her in the palace, but eventually decided against it as the wound on her forehead had not yet healed.

Half a month had passed, and the scar on her forehead had faded.

However, she still shuddered whenever she recalled what had happened that day.

The Emperor was so terrifying!

Lu Liangwei felt that Lin Qingyuan had changed a lot. She was no longer so brash and garrulous as she used to be.

She was much quieter now, and she sat demurely on the side with Long Yinyao in her arms.

Lu Liangwei was a little suspicious.

“Did something happen to you?” After a while, she could not help herself from asking.

Lin Qingyuan looked at her with a frown. “What do you mean?”

“You seem much more reserved this time,” said Lu Liangwei honestly. They had known each other long enough to be considered old friends, and she was not used to Lin Qingyuan being so restrained in front of her.

“You’re the Empress; I should be more reserved in front of you. I was too impolite before.” Lin Qingyuan lowered her eyes, not daring to meet Lu Liangwei’s gaze.

Before she had entered Grand Phoenix Palace, Butler Zhao had even stopped her just to give her a few reminders.

In general, they were about what she should and should not say and how she should observe proper restraint.

Lu Liangwei snickered. “Now you’re starting to know your manners. Did someone warn you or something?”

Her words made Lin Qingyuan’s heart skip a beat. Afraid that she would give herself away if she stayed any longer, she got up and passed Long Yinyao to the nanny, then said to Lu Liangwei, “My mother just ended her postpartum recovery, so things are quite busy at home. Since you’re fine, I’ll excuse myself and go home now.”

Lu Liangwei fixed her stare on her. “Lin Qingyuan, are you hiding something from me?”

“Of course not. Why would I hide anything from you? Don’t overthink things; you’re still going through postpartum recovery, so just focus on getting better. When the children celebrate their first-month birthday, I’ll come and visit you again.” Lin Qingyuan avoided her clear gaze and fled the room frantically.

The suspicion in Lu Liangwei’s heart grew stronger.

She turned and glanced at the nannies, then at the other servants.

When everyone caught her gaze sweeping over them, they immediately lowered their eyes, not daring to look at her.

Lu Liangwei knitted her brow.

For the past few days, she had more or less sensed the unusualness in the servants’ behavior.

It was as if everyone had become extra careful not to anger her after she had woken up.

Was she that scary?

They had never been this terrified of her before.

Lu Liangwei was perplexed.

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