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Chapter 1135: 1135

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“Yes.” Jiang Chong replied from outside.

The horse-drawn carriage soon stopped by the side and Long Chi helped Lu Liangwei to her feet.

Lu Liangwei had been fed Nerve Weakening Powder and did not have the strength to move about. In addition to that, she had been lying down for a very long time and was often unconscious during this period. She felt like everything was spinning when she was suddenly made to stand up.

She bit down hard on her lips; the pain cleared up her mind significantly.

Meanwhile, Long Chi had promptly carried her in his arms.

When they dismounted the carriage, he placed her behind some bushes and lowered his gaze to look at her. “I’m willing to help you if you change your mind now.”

“No!” Lu Liangwei spat out coldly, but then she added, “I might take some time.”

Long Chi felt his heart soften at the sight of the girl lying on the ground, unable to move. He took out the antidote and crouched in front of her.

“Why are you being so hard on yourself? I can’t bear to see you suffer like this.”

Lu Liangwei found this ironic but did not reply. “Just go away.”

Long Chi uncorked the porcelain bottle and placed it under her nose, allowing her to have a whiff.

“The Nerve Weakening Powder I gave you is not the usual kind. It requires a special antidote for you to be completely cured. Have a whiff of this scent and you will be temporarily cured of the Powder’s effect. However, it’s not a permanent cure. Once the time is up, you’ll return to your current condition, so make full use of your time. I’ll be back to get you soon.” With that, he stood up and walked away.

Lu Liangwei tried to move her fingers and found she could move again.

She was not really looking to relieve herself, but was trying to find an opportunity to escape. She had to try something no matter how hopeless the situation looked.

However, she had now changed her mind.

If what Long Chi told her was true, there was no way she could go for such an attempt.

It was best not to create any commotion and wait for the right time.

Unfortunately, she had no medicine on her—if she had, this would have been the perfect opportunity.

Her gaze fell on a particular spot as she was thinking about this and her eyes suddenly lit up.

There was a rare medicinal herb growing among the weeds.

This medicinal herb could be used to numb a person’s nerves and was very rare. It was considered an herb that was difficult to procure.

She had never expected to find it in this wild mountain.

Where there was a will, there was a way!

She plucked the medicinal herb while thinking about this and stuffed it into her pocket. She then headed to a more private spot and slowly relieved herself.

Lu Liangwei was not worried that Long Chi would suddenly appear.

Since he was willing to walk away, it proved that he had everything under control and was willing to allow her this private time.

She put on her pants and tidied her dress, preparing to leave the grassy field.

However, she had just taken a few steps when her limbs went weak and she fell powerlessly to the ground.

Long Chi came over to her at almost the same time. He was not surprised to see her lying on the grass.

He smiled as he looked at her. “I didn’t lie, did I? This is a specially manufactured Nerve Wrecking Powder. Without my antidote, you won’t even be able to stand.”

Lu Liangwei pretended to glare viciously at him as she clenched her teeth.

Long Chi crouched in front of her. He seemed to be accustomed to her hatred and was not bothered by her glare. He carried her in his arms easily and turned to go back to the carriage.

The carriage began moving once more.

Long Chi grabbed Lu Liangwei’s chin in the carriage and was about to force-feed her sleep medicine when Lu Liangwei suddenly said, “Long Chi, do you like me?”

He was taken aback and a gentle look crossed his eyes when he looked at her. “Why would I take such a huge risk to take you away with me if I didn’t like you?”

“What about Lu Yunshuang? What is Lu Yunshuang to you?” Lu Liangwei pretended to look bemused.

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