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Chapter 1136: Loves And Touches Only You

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A shadow shrouded Long Chi’s expression.

“Why are you mentioning her?”

“I heard she’s dead. Aren’t you sad?” Lu Liangwei continued talking with a curious look on her face.

Thinking that Lu Liangwei was being jealous, Long Chi smiled flirtatiously. “She’s already dead. Do you really want to compare yourself to a dead person? Yes, I did like her before, but I realize I like you more.”

“Is that so?” Lu Liangwei’s tone was level but was also filled with sarcasm. “It sounds like your heart can be divided into multiple pieces. You are free to like whoever you want as long as the person pleases your eyes. How many times is your heart split when you have so many women in your harem? Do you even have the time to love them all?”

Long Chi choked, then he stared at her and contemplated this.

It took quite a while for him to say with slight exasperation, “That is all in the past. I will only have you from now on. There won’t be any other women.”

Lu Liangwei wanted to throw up. She would not have bothered to speak to him if it were not for her trying to prevent him from feeding her the sleep medicine.

“Unfortunately for you, I have a problem with hygiene and I’m not into sharing someone else’s leftovers.”

Long Chi looked stunned. “Lu Liangwei, do you need to say such terrible words? It’s normal for men to have concubines. Royal Uncle is the only foolish one who loves and touches only you.”

“That is why it’s unchangeable that you won’t compare to even one of his fingers,” Lu Liangwei said shortly. She quickly added before he lost his temper, “Long Chi, taking too much sleep medicine would only make the recipient muddled. If you truly like me, you wouldn’t want to see me become stupid, right? You’ve already given me Nerve Weakening Powder and you’ve said that I can’t escape without the antidote. Why take the unnecessary step of feeding me sleep medicine? Besides, I already had the opportunity to escape just now, but I didn’t.”

“There’s no point in escaping. That powdered gas can only allow you to be temporarily cured. Even if you escaped, I could capture you easily. Besides, even if I failed to find you if you hid in a secret place, no one else can locate you either. You won’t be able to escape with the Nerve Weakening Powder in your system and you would only be waiting for death. And if you’re somehow lucky enough to be discovered by someone, do you think it’ll be an improvement to being with me given that you’re such a beauty?

“You’re smart enough to have thought about all this, aren’t you? That’s why you did not try to escape, because you know that staying by my side is better than being in the hands of another random person. At the very least, I’m still being courteous to you.”

Long Chi said all this breezily, but there was a sharp look in his eyes. It was as if he had seen through Lu Liangwei.

Lu Liangwei felt a chill in her heart. It had never crossed her mind that Long Chi could actually be smart.

It was exactly as Long Chi had said—those were her exact thoughts.

She did not deny this. She said, “It’s a shame that you only use your smarts on women.”

Long Chi was not angered and instead smirked while looking at her cheerfully. “That’s because you’re Lu Liangwei. You’re different from other women and guessing your thoughts is totally worth my time.”

Lu Liangwei closed her eyes. A thought crossed her mind and she opened her eyes once more. “Long Chi, on account that I’m your Royal Aunt, let me have one night’s rest at an inn in the next town.”

Long Chi’s expression darkened. “Lu Liangwei, stop trying to give me orders by using your seniority. If I don’t acknowledge it, you aren’t my Royal Aunt.”

Who cared if he acknowledged it or not?

Lu Liangwei scoffed quietly, but said with a calm demeanor, “You’re so anxious to rush this journey because you’re afraid your Royal Uncle will catch up, aren’t you?”

Long Chi said without reservation, “I assure you that they still cannot figure out who was responsible for your kidnapping, nor how I was able to do it without leaving a trace. No matter how formidable my Royal Uncle is, he could never guess that I was the one behind this. You shouldn’t overestimate him!”

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