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Chapter 1139: He Would Never Let Her Off So Easily

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Lu Liangwei immediately made a plan.

It was lucky that even though the sky had just turned dark, the boutiques in town were still open. She visited one of them and soon changed into men’s clothes. She disguised herself slightly and went to a medicinal shop next. She bought some useful medicine and spent some money to borrow their stove to make a few different medicines.

Among them included materials for medicine balls, which were not difficult to buy. It did not take long for her to make a few to use for defense.

After that, she made a few packets of coma-inducing medicine.

By the time she was done, it was very late.

She stepped out of the medicinal shop and found that it was quite dark out. There was no one in sight.

There was only one inn available for accommodation and it was impossible for her to return there.

It was also clear that she could not be traveling at night. After discussing it with the owner of the medicinal shop, she decided to borrow a night’s accommodation with him and paid him some silver.

She was lucky that the people in this town were simple in nature. When the medicinal shop owner saw that she was alone, he immediately nodded in agreement.

The man closed his shop and brought Lu Liangwei to the backyard.

“The place is simple and rustic. I hope you will be fine with it, young sir.”

“There’s nothing to worry about. I should be grateful that you’re willing to take me in,” Lu Liangwei replied politely.

She was wearing men’s clothing and had made some changes to her look. She now looked like a young man with an ordinary-looking face. She even made sure her voice sounded rougher when she spoke.

The medicinal shop owner did not suspect anything. He brought her to a room and lit up a candle inside.

“Alright. I hope it won’t be a rough night for you, young sir.” The shop owner gave a few more reminders to her after that and left.

Lu Liangwei looked around the room. After making sure there was no problem with it, she closed the door and barricaded it with some tables and chairs before sitting on the bed.

The shop owner may look like an honest man, but one could never be too careful.

After all, she was on her own and it was better to be extra cautious.

Even though she was exhausted, she did not dare go to sleep. Lu Liangwei leaned against the bedpost to rest instead.

When she was purchasing medicine from the shop owner, she learned from their conversation that Pure Water Town was very near to the West Water Frontier. After passing through the West Water Frontier, the Yan Kingdom would be up ahead. That was why turning back was the only way for her.

She had to return to the imperial capital as soon as possible

Lu Liangwei had been missing for a few days. His Majesty and the others must be going mad with worry.

There were also her children. She missed them… Lu Liangwei wondered if His Majesty had found Ji’er.

The thought of Ji’er pained her.

Lu Liangwei was not able to sleep the entire night. She spent the passing hours feeling anxious and worried.

She struggled throughout the night until morning finally came. Lu Liangwei packed up and said goodbye to the medicinal shop owner.

However, she had just walked out of the shop when she saw an anxious-looking and familiar face walking into the medicinal shop.

Lu Liangwei was astonished to realize who it was. She quickly lowered her head and walked toward a horse carriage rental shop.

She was slightly frightened.

Lu Liangwei had not expected Liu Fu to still be alive, and that he had come to this little town too.

He must be rushing into the medicinal shop so anxiously because he found out something was wrong with Long Chi and was here to get him a physician.

She had certainly considered killing Long Chi earlier because that would end any future trouble coming from him.

However, Jiang Chong had been right next door and she was not sure if he had been fully convinced by her act to stay away from the room. If he had suspected something, any slight delay would prevent her from escaping.

Moreover, if she had killed Long Chi, Jiang Chong would never let her off so easily. It would make it even more difficult for her to shake him off and return to the imperial capital.

That was why she could only choose to run.

However, there was now an extra person by Long Chi’s side, Liu Fu.

Lu Liangwei frowned and quickened her footsteps.

Liu Fu suddenly turned to glance at her when he entered the shop.

However, all he saw was a skinny, young man hurrying toward the horse market.

He thought the back of the man’s figure looked familiar, but could not quite place his finger on it. As he was more worried about Long Chi’s poisoning, he quickly dismissed the young lad.

When Lu Liangwei found the horse carriage rental shop, she rented a carriage and paid half the price upfront for the coachman to take her to the imperial capital.

This place was thousands of miles away from the imperial capital and the coachman was initially hesitant.

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