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Chapter 1170: She Has Always Been This Stubborn

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The guards were relieved when the carriage finally left.

Even though the Princess Consort was not favored by Prince Rui, the Yuan family was powerful and even Prince Rui did not dare get on her bad side.

Even though she did not receive Prince Rui’s love, she still held a strong influence in the Prince’s mansion.

All the concubines and servants tread around her carefully and did not dare offend her in the open.

The carriage was steered directly out of Prince Rui Mansion.

Beitang Rui was on his way back when he saw Yuan Xin’s carriage, and he frowned at the sight.

The coachman immediately stopped the carriage and bowed to him.

“Is the Princess Consort going out?” Even though Beitang Rui was not partial to seeing Yuan Xin, he would still give her the respect she deserved.

“I’m taking a trip back to the Yuan family.” Yuan Xin’s voice was heard from the carriage.

Beitang Rui was taken aback.

Her frightening face aside, she still had a very nice voice.

His tone softened slightly. “Bring more men with you and be careful on your journey.”

Yuan Xin was slightly surprised to hear his tone from the carriage, which sounded like genuine concern.

“Alright.” She pressed her lips as she replied gently.

As the carriage passed by Beitang Rui, Long Chi, who was standing next to him, abruptly said, “Why would the Princess Consort suddenly decide to return to her natal home at such a late hour?”

Beitang Rui replied indifferently, “She has always been this stubborn.”

Long Chi did not quite believe that.

The search had only just begun in the Prince’s mansion, yet the Princess Consort had chosen this particular time to return to her natal home.

As the carriage was about to leave, Long Chi made up his mind and said to Beitang Rui, “She might be hiding in that carriage.”

Beitang Rui knew who Long Chi was talking about and his attention suddenly perked up. He quickly turned to block the carriage from the front. “Stop!”

The coachman had no idea what was happening, but he quickly stopped the horse-drawn carriage. “Is there anything wrong, Prince Rui?”

Lu Liangwei and Yuan Xin looked at each other in the carriage.

Things might get complicated now that the carriage was being stopped.

Just as both of them were contemplating what to do, they heard Beitang Rui say, “It’s getting late and there’s been a recent disturbance in the mansion by an assassin. I’m worried for your safety, Princess Consort. I need to check your carriage to make sure you are safe. Please get down from the carriage.”

The coachman and one maid were sitting on the carriage shaft.

They looked at each other. They worked directly for the Princess Consort and did not dare to make any move without her orders.

Beitang Rui was rather upset with Yuan Xin when he saw this.

He was a prince, but he could not even give her servants any orders. This meant that Yuan Xin had never respected him.

His eyes narrowed as he suddenly went forward to personally drag them both away from the carriage.

However, he had just stepped onto the carriage shaft when the carriage curtains suddenly flew open.

He witnessed two women hugging each other.

The woman was dressed like a maid and her face was currently buried in Yuan Xin’s chest, which made it impossible for him to see her face.

Beitang Rui’s attention was not on the maid. He was glaring straight at Yuan Xin, looking as if it was the first time he was getting to know her.

A look of disgust flashed in his eyes as he shut the curtains roughly.

“Yuan Xin, I thought you were just a woman with a scarred face. I never thought you could be so disgusting.”

What sort of woman had he married?

A lesbian?

Ha, this must be the biggest joke in the world!

This was the daughter of the principal wife of the Yuan family whom everyone was singing praises about?

She had such a dirty soul underneath that bright, beautiful shell.

Yuan Xin’s expression fell when she heard his words. She turned ghostly pale and her fingers clenched into her flesh.

How dare he judge her this way?

“Prince Rui may look noble and great, but marrying a number of concubines openly is nothing more than an act of an animal, yet you’re still able to announce yourself as being open and benign! You’re truly a great example that we can only hope to achieve one day!” Yuan Xin did not back down and taunted him in return.

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