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Chapter 1171: The Drama That Happened in The Carriage

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Beitang Rui was furious when he heard this. If not for his last shred of control, he would have dragged that woman out.

However, his voice of reason stopped him from doing so.

He took a deep breath and kicked the coachman viciously. “Get out!”

The coachman fought through the pain and quickly hopped back onto the carriage with the maid to drive the carriage away from Prince Rui Mansion.

Long Chi decided not to ask Beitang Rui if he was able to see the person in the horse-drawn carriage when he saw how angry he was.

Fortunately, Beitang Rui quickly got his temper under control, but he was still not willing to share what he had just seen. However, as this was an important matter, he said to Long Chi, “It was Yuan Xin and a maid in the carriage.”

“Were you able to see what the maid looked like?” Long Chi frowned as he asked. He had a feeling that Lu Liangwei was in that carriage. Unfortunately, even Beitang Rui had to be careful around Yuan Xin, let alone him.

The thought of the maid lying against Yuan Xin’s chest angered Beitang Rui tremendously. All he wanted to do was to have the adulterous pair killed!

He was shocked and angered, which was why he did not pay attention to what the maid looked like.


Beitang Rui calmed down and felt a little embarrassed. He was so busy being angry that he had forgotten to check what the maid looked like.

“There is no need for anger, Prince Rui. I think the Princess Consort must have done this on purpose. She isn’t really… That maid must have been her in disguise.” Even though Long Chi was not able to see what was going on in the carriage from where he stood, Beitang Rui’s reaction and words revealed the drama that happened in the carriage.

Long Chi was not angry at all at the outcome, or rather, he had no idea how to be angry now.

His temper had been exhausted by Lu Liangwei’s antics from Great Shang to the Yan Kingdom.

He was not surprised that she would do something like that.

A woman as smart as she was could always find a way to get out of trouble at any time.

Beitang Rui was surprised when he heard this. “Are you telling me that Yuan Xin was putting up an act just to anger me?” The thought of this somehow cheered him up, even though he did not realize it himself.

Long Chi noticed Beitang Rui’s change and sighed silently. “It’s not entirely so. She was only doing it to distract you. That way, you would not pay any attention to the maid.”

Beitang Rui felt a little embarrassed.

He had never thought he would get so angry over something that involved Yuan Xin.

Beitang Rui and Yuan Xin had known each other for a long time and everyone knew her character well. When he saw her openly hugging the maid, the anger in him burned like a raging fire.

However, what could he do with her even if he was angry?

Perhaps he was so angry because he thought Yuan Xin was ruining herself.

“Even though you did not manage to see the maid’s face, I can all but confirm that the maid is her. If the Princess Consort is returning to the Yuan family, why don’t we send someone to spy on the surroundings of the Yuan family? If she wants to return to Great Shang, she has to leave the Yuan family, and I’ll be able to capture her during that moment.”

Long Chi’s words pulled Beitang Rui back to reality from his chaotic thoughts.

“Alright. I’ll send some men to keep guard of the place.”

Long Chi was finally relieved.

Now that he knew Lu Liangwei was with Yuan Xin, there was no need for him to feel anxious.

It would be difficult for a weak woman like her to return to Great Shang.

Moreover, the special chains he had made were still locked on her. Those chains could not be removed by normal locksmiths and if she wanted to escape the capital city, she would be sure to leave tracks behind.

Lu Liangwei was quite apologetic in the carriage. “I crossed the line with you because of the emergency just now and got you misunderstood by Beitang Rui. I’m so sorry about that.”

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