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Chapter 1180: 1180

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When Minister Lin noted how she looked, he more or less understood.

The news of the Empress’s disappearance had been kept under cover and the public did not know that she was missing, but he figured out the truth because of his daughter.

“By the way, who sent me the letter, Father?” Lin Qingyuan wiped the tears off her face. Once she had calmed down, she asked the most important and pressing matter.

“I have no idea either. The housekeeper passed me the letter right after I returned from the imperial court.” Minister Lin was also wondering about this.

The letter did not even have an envelope and there was no signature. Minister Lin had nearly thrown it out.

Lin Qingyuan gave this some thought and instructed, “Please assign someone to keep a close eye on this. Once you find the person who sent the letter, make sure to get them to stay.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve already informed our people of this.” Minister Lin nodded.

“Then I’ll head to the Palace first,” said Lin Qingyuan.

Minister Lin contemplated this and suddenly stopped her. “No, you shouldn’t.”

“Why not?” Lin Qingyuan needed to immediately inform His Majesty that Lu Liangwei was at the Prince Rui Mansion in the Yan Kingdom so he could send someone to get her back.

Now that her father was stopping her, she began to get anxious. “Why?” she repeated.

“Think about it. Why would Her Highness send the letter to our home instead of the Grand Duke Mansion? This means that Her Highness must be in a difficult situation and does not wish for her identity to be known.” Minister Lin analyzed this calmly.

Lin Qingyuan immediately felt nervous when she heard this. “Are you saying Her Highness is in danger?”

When Minister Lin saw how she reacted, he could not help but frown and said sternly, “How many times have I told you not to act rashly when you’re facing a problem? You should maintain your calm. You’ve been at Her Highness’s side for so long; haven’t you learned anything from her?”

Lin Qingyuan replied impatiently, “What’s the point of saying this now? Hurry up and tell me how to save Her Highness.”

Minister Lin sighed. “This shouldn’t be something for us to worry about. His Majesty would know what to do. Why are you even racking your brain over this?”

Lin Qingyuan retorted, “Why shouldn’t I be worried? Did you forget the reason your daughter is able to stand safely in front of you? Even if I can’t do anything to help Her Highness right now, I’m still very worried about her. Father, you’re an official of the imperial court who is paid by His Majesty, so you should be helping His Majesty resolve his worries. His Majesty is already thin and haggard because of what happened to Her Highness. How can I stand by and not do anything? And you should be helping to think up a plan.”

Minister Lin was caught off guard at being lectured by his daughter. He was rather embarrassed by the time he managed to reply. “You silly girl, all you know is how to say silly things like this. When have I not shared the burden of His Majesty’s worries?”

“If you are sharing his burden, you should go immediately,” Lin Qingyuan instructed with her hands on her waist.

Minister Lin began walking out immediately, but just as he arrived at the door, a thought crossed his mind and he suddenly paused in his steps. He turned around and, when he realized how his daughter had been ordering him around, he found himself getting angry.

“Are you out of your mind, giving me orders like that?!”

Lin Qingyuan felt a little sheepish. She had cooled down slightly and now adopted a coquettish tone. “Father, are you worried that someone could be spying on us and that if I went to the Palace right now, the person who sent the letter would realize who Her Highness is? Is that why you’re stopping me from going to the Palace?”

Minister Lin grunted. “I see you aren’t so stupid, after all.”

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