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Chapter 1183: 1183

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His Majesty was right. He had done enough for the people in the country. Great Shang was in its most prosperous period because of him.

Why could he not be selfish for once?

The Dowager Duchess had nothing to say after that.

In the end, she could only say, “Please be careful, Your Majesty. Safety first.”

“Don’t worry, Grandmother. I will make sure of that, but I will need your help with the Palace affairs and the children,” Long Yang said seriously.

“I would do my best even if you didn’t ask me, Your Majesty. When are you planning to leave the Palace?” The Dowager Duchess asked. Great Shang was more than a thousand miles away from the Yan Kingdom. The journey was long and he would be away for a long time.

“When the time comes, I will use the excuse of rewarding the soldiers at the frontier and leave the Palace. I’ll get someone to take my place in the Emperor’s carriage halfway through the journey to the frontier while I bring some men with me to the Yan Kingdom.” Long Yang briefly informed her of his plan.

The Dowager Duchess nodded. “Do you have someone in mind, Your Majesty?” She was referring to the person who would pretend to be the Emperor to head to the frontier.

“The Minister of Revenue, Minister Lin. I think he is the most suitable,” said Long Yang.

The Dowager Duchess nodded in agreement. “Since Your Majesty has decided, there is no need for me to say anything else.”

Long Yang was relieved.

The next day, Long Yang called Minister Lin to his imperial study before the start of the imperial court session.

Minister Lin knew that Long Yang must have already read the letter and was prepared to tell him about the plan of sending him, Minister Lin, to the Yan Kingdom and save the Empress under the pretense of wishing the Yan Kingdom’s Emperor a happy birthday. However, Long Yang informed Minister Lin of his own plan before the other man could say a word.

“… This time, I would need to trouble Minister Lin to pretend to be me and head to the frontier to reward the soldiers.”

Minister Lin was stunned. When he realized what he had just heard, he immediately tried to advise the emperor against it. “Your Majesty, I don’t think this is appropriate. You’re the ruler of this land, how can you endanger yourself?”

Long Yang was not angry, but asked instead, “Do you have a better suggestion, Minister Lin?”

“If you can trust me, I am willing to head to the Yan Kingdom to save Her Highness.” Minister Lin informed Long Yang of the plan he had thought of yesterday. “The timing coincides with the birthday of the Emperor of the Yan Kingdom. I can visit them as an envoy. Wouldn’t that be more convenient than you heading to the Yan Kingdom personally, Your Majesty?”

Long Yang said approvingly, “That is a very good plan, Minister Lin.”

Minister Lin was relieved. He thought he had managed to stop His Majesty from going to the Yan Kingdom. However, the next moment, he heard the Emperor say in a deep voice, “Tomorrow I will journey to the Yan Kingdom using your identity, Minister Lin. You will head to the frontier to reward the soldiers and generals in my name.”

Minister Lin was shocked. He was about to say something when Long Yang said firmly, “I have made the decision. There’s no need for you to say anything more, Minister Lin. You should go ahead and make preparations.”

Minister Lin sighed. Things had already come to this point, so there was nothing much he could say. So, he replied respectfully, “Your wish is my command.”

After Minister Lin left, Long Yang went to the Grand Phoenix Palace.

He went to see Ji’er first.

Ji’er was living with Chu Qi.

After returning from the foot of Thousand Feet Cliff, Chief Physician Lin had diagnosed Chu Qi again. Unfortunately, Chu Qi’s condition did not improve.

He still did not remember the past and his eyes still could not see.

As for Ji’er, she became more dependent on the young man and needed him to hold her before she was willing to sleep or eat. Long Yang had no choice. Aside from arranging for the hunter and his wife to help take care of Ji’er and Chu Qi’s daily routines, he had also arranged for another nanny for Ji’er.

However, for some reason, Ji’er did not like breast milk, but preferred cow’s milk or goat’s milk. The nanny ended up being nothing but a decoration.

When Long Yang arrived, Chu Qi was holding Ji’er and standing in the corridor.

He could not see but his hearing was superb. Chu Qi turned his head almost immediately and walked toward where Long Yang was.

“Lil Qi, His Majesty is here to see the little princess.” Zhao Qian quickly said this out loud when he saw Chu Qi acting that way. He could not help but sigh silently in his heart.

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