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Chapter 1185: 1185

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The hunter was not someone who could bear sitting around doing nothing. When he lived at the foot of Thousand Feet Cliff, he hunted for a living and foraged through the forest every day, facing off against his quarry. After suddenly moving into the Palace, he began to miss his life at the foot of Thousand Feet Cliff once the novelty wore off.

However, he was aware that His Majesty had not been in a good mood recently and was burdened with many national affairs, so he had brushed off that feeling.

When he found out His Majesty was leaving on a long journey, he could not wait to offer his services.

He knew that His Majesty had a lot of talented people around him and it had never crossed the hunter’s mind that he could contribute much, but even just allowing him to do physical labor would be better than being stuck in the Palace every day.

The hunter was afraid His Majesty would reject him, so he quickly added, “I’m not good with my martial arts skills, but I’m still strong. I’m especially proficient with bow and arrows, and I hope you can give me an opportunity.”

Long Yang was leaving to save Weiwei, and he did not wish to take anyone unrelated with him. However, he was indebted to the hunter, and by the looks of him, he must be going mad from being cooped up. Long Yang gave this some thought and said, “I see. You can head to the frontier along with Butler Zhao when the time comes. We would have some use of you there.”

The hunter was not specifically adamant about following His Majesty. He just needed somewhere to contribute, so he was happy to hear this.

He looked at his wife hopefully as he was thinking about this.

The hunter’s wife understood her husband well. Getting him to stay in the Palace without going anywhere was still bearable in the short term, but if time went on, he would not be able to take it.

It would be better for him to go out for some work rather than keeping him trapped inside.

So, she replied, “Go ahead if you want to. There is no need to worry about me. I’m not alone anymore and I have the little princess to take care of.” With that, she poked him in the arms and said, “Hurry up and thank His Majesty, won’t you?”

The hunter could not bear to leave his wife, but she was now living in the Palace and was quite happy caring for the little Princess. She did not need him by her side all the time, which was why he had thought of doing some work out in the field.

“Thank you for your grace, Your Majesty!” He knelt dutifully to thank the emperor.

Long Yang helped him up. “Please get up! We’ll be leaving tomorrow and time is of the essence. Go and prepare yourself.”

The hunter quickly stood up at this.

Long Yang did not say anything more. He wanted to see Long Yin and Long Yinyao too.

Long Yin gave off a mature vibe as usual while Long Yinyao was the opposite. She was quite the active child.

It had only been a little more than two months since they were born, but their eyes were already full of spirit. This pair of siblings had completely contrasting characters. One was quiet while the other was a ball of energy.

Long Yinyao was delighted to see Long Yang. Her hands flung about in the air, as if asking to be carried.

Long Yang hoisted her up and the baby girl’s fingers wriggled about until she was finally able to catch hold of some hair resting on her father’s shoulder. She smiled widely and some drool dripped from her mouth.

Zhao Qian watched this while standing by Long Yang’s side. He could not stop smiling. “Master, the Second Princess really likes it when you carry her.” The Second Princess was the most active among all three siblings and she was the closest to his master.

Long Yang touched his daughter’s nose and a smile appeared on his cold, aloof face.

Yaoyao and Ji’er may look alike, but the sisters had different personalities.

The thought of this made Long Yang feel rather bitter.

He lowered Yaoyao into the baby’s bed and was about to stand up when he realized his hair was still tightly held in her grip. She refused to let go.

He wondered where she had gotten the strength from. She was only a little more than two months old but she was now strong enough to grip his hair to the point that it hurt a little when she pulled on it.

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