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Chapter 1187: 1187

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Zhao Qian was not bothered by his lack of reaction, and only said, “My master had known long before the reason why both of you master and servant are hiding in Great Shang.”

The old beggar realized the Emperor had known Youyou’s identity all this while when he heard those words.

He sighed at the thought of this. “There’s nothing we can hide from His Majesty.”

Zhao Qian continued, “The internal conflict in the Yan Kingdom is currently quite heated. My master thinks that you should take the opportunity of this chaos and return.”

The old beggar was enamored by his words. He shook his head after a moment’s thought and said bitterly, “All those who stood by the side of the Crown Prince had been completely eliminated by the late Emperor. My little Master does not have support by his side and now isn’t the best time to return. Unless…”

The beggar did not continue.

Zhao Qian gave a small smile and continued his words, “Unless the will of the Yan Kingdom’s late Emperor can be found.”

The old beggar looked at him in shock. “You…”

Zhao Qian said indifferently, “Your Highness is close to both of you. It’s only natural that His Majesty would want to investigate your backgrounds properly.”

The old beggar immediately understood when he heard this.

Zhao Qian was right. His Majesty adored Her Highness a lot. He would never allow people with unclear identities to stay by her side.

The old beggar felt a little more relaxed at this thought and said truthfully, “That’s true. If we can find the late Emperor’s will, the current Emperor of the Yan Kingdom would have no right to the throne and little Master will be able to take back everything that belonged to him!”

“Our master has already found the will of the Yan Kingdom’s late Emperor,” Zhao Qian suddenly said.

The old beggar was in complete shock, but his expression immediately changed to one of delight. He asked anxiously, “Where is it?”

“It’s the hands of Yuan Zheng, the Prime Minister of the Yan Kingdom,” Zhao Qian said carefully.

The old beggar found this surprising, yet he was not surprised at the same time. The delighted look on his face dimmed. “Yuan Zheng is someone unpredictable. He might not be willing to hand the will over.”

“That’s where you’re wrong. If he has the will in his hands, yet made no attempt to destroy it, that would mean he is planning something. There might also be a chance that he is waiting for an opportunity,” said Zhao Qian. “If you trust our master, bring your little master along and wait at the suburbs tomorrow.”

The old beggar gave this deep consideration and nodded in agreement. “I would have to trouble you to inform His Majesty of this, Butler Zhao. We will wait at the agreed location tomorrow on time.”

Zhao Qian nodded and did not say anything more as he returned to the Palace.

The next day.

The Emperor’s carriage left in a great display toward the frontier.

This was while Minister Lin led his men toward the Yan Kingdom.

No one knew that not long after leaving the city gates, Long Yang got off the Emperor’s carriage and led his men toward West Water Frontier in light luggage while Minister Lin got into the Emperor’s carriage and headed to the frontier where Lu Tingchen was.

The Yan Kingdom.

Yuan Xin went to the temple to pray with her servants and she had many maids following her.

When they got onto the horse-drawn carriage, only one maid followed her onto it.

This maid was different than the others. She had a veil on her face and it was difficult to see what she looked like.

It was soon before Yuan Xin left the city under the watchful eyes of her guards.

The temple she wanted to visit today was a temple most trusted by the nobles and high officials in the city. However, the distance was quite far from the capital city.

They had to travel another hundred miles after leaving the city gates and they had to go through a very rough mountain road.

It was said that Princess Consort Rui was heading to the temple to pray to the deities to help her ruined face recover, which was why she had taken such pains to travel to the temple for her wish to come true.

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