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Chapter 1208: I Can’t Hold My Liquor Well

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Long Yang had planned to take Lu Liangwei for lunch, but the moment they stepped out of the shop, a young man dressed in servant garb came up to them. He performed a fist and palm salute to Long Yang and said politely, “Minister Lin, my master has set up a banquet in Gentle Breeze Court, and he invites both of you to join him.”

Lu Liangwei asked in surprise, “Who’s your master?”

Instead of answering her, the servant looked at Long Yang. “I’m sure you know who it is, Minister Lin.”

Lu Liangwei turned to look at Long Yang. “You do?”

Long Yang squeezed her hand and replied, “It’s lunchtime, anyway. Since he’s prepared a banquet for us, it’d be disrespectful to decline. I heard that Gentle Breeze Court is famous for its dishes in the capital city, so you’ll probably like the food there. Let’s go.”

His reply reassured Lu Liangwei that he was well aware of the situation, so she nodded. “All right.”

They followed the servant to Gentle Breeze Court.

Gentle Breeze Court was one of the best restaurants in the capital city, known for its delicious dishes as well as high prices. Apparently, the Yan Emperor had left the palace several times dressed as a commoner just to have a taste of Gentle Breeze Court’s dishes, so one could imagine how delectable the food was.

When the two arrived at the designated private room, food and drink were already laid out on the table. The food consisted of Gentle Breeze Court’s signature dishes, which enticed the senses with both their appearance and aroma.

Lu Liangwei happened to have gotten hungry too. At the sight of the spread on the table, her eyes lit up, and her mouth almost watered.

Long Yang led her inside by the hand.

There was a middle-aged man standing beside the window. When he heard their footsteps, he immediately turned around and flashed them a courteous smile. “I’m so honored that you accepted my invitation.”

“The honor is ours, Prime Minister Yuan.” Long Yang nodded at him calmly before leading Lu Liangwei to the table.

The term of address startled Lu Liangwei, as she had not expected their host to be Yuan Xin’s father, the prime minister of the Yan Kingdom.

However, when she remembered that Long Yang had met him two days ago, this banquet invitation today did not seem too surprising anymore.

Lu Liangwei nodded to the man and sat down with Long Yang.

Yuan Zheng sat down as well, then picked up the wine pot and poured both of them some wine.

“I hope you’ll find the food here to your liking.”

“You’re too humble, Prime Minister Yuan. I heard that the Yan Emperor has left the palace multiple times dressed as a commoner just to enjoy a meal here. Clearly, this place serves particularly delicious food.”

“You’re too kind, Minister Lin,” said Yuan Zheng humbly. Picking up the cup of wine before him, he turned to Lu Liangwei and said sincerely, “Thank you for healing Xin’er’s face, Madam Lin. I hope this meal today is enough to express my gratitude.”

Lu Liangwei picked up her cup in response. “It was no big deal, Prime Minister Yuan. Yuan Xin’s helped me a lot too.”

Yuan Zheng let out a hearty laugh before downing the wine in his cup.

Seeing how courteous he was, Lu Liangwei had no choice but to take a sip before putting down her cup. “Sorry, I can’t hold my liquor well.”

Yuan Zheng did not mind. “As long as you’re comfortable, Madam Lin.” He then poured himself another cup, picked it up, and turned to Long Yang. “Cheers, Minister Lin.”

Only after putting some food in Lu Liangwei’s bowl did Long Yang calmly raise his cup of wine. “Cheers!”

After a few drinks, Yuan Zheng decided to cut to the chase. Looking at Long Yang’s youthful face, he smiled and asked, “Actually, I’m curious to know your true identity in Great Shang, Minister Lin.”

Lu Liangwei was astounded by Yuan Zheng’s shrewdness.

He was actually doubting Long Yang’s true identity!

However, it was only natural that Yuan Zheng would get suspicious. There was no way Long Yang could fully conceal his aura, having been on the throne for so long, and a single glance was enough to tell that he was no ordinary court official.

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