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Chapter 1221: 1221

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Lu Liangwei widened her eyes and stared at him in surprise. “You know how to play this song?”

“I happened to hear it when I got back, and I was listening for a while outside.” Long Yang turned and looked at her, a pleasant smile on his lips. “I didn’t know my darling Weiwei could sing so beautifully.”

Lu Liangwei was completely charmed when she heard him call her “his darling Weiwei”, but when she caught sight of Long Xuan and Youyou next to her, she cleared her throat in embarrassment and ignored his comment. “You can already play it after listening to it only once?”

Long Yang gave her a wordless smile, then plucked the zither strings and played “Painting Hearts” in full.

Lu Liangwei exclaimed, “You’re amazing, Your Majesty!”

Long Yang pressed his fingers to the strings, his deep eyes glittering with joy before abruptly glancing over to Long Xuan.

Long Xuan had been longing to escape for some time now, as he could not stand watching his royal uncle and aunt flirt with each other so shamelessly.

He was getting goosebumps all over his body.

Therefore, when he received the hint from his royal uncle to make himself scarce, he said very sensibly, “I’ll take my leave now, Royal Uncle.” He did not forget to drag Beitang You away with him.

Without outsiders around to disturb them, Long Yang pulled Lu Liangwei onto his lap, then took her hand and pressed it onto the zither strings.

“Play something for me, Weiwei.”

Lu Liangwei ran her fingers over the strings carelessly, producing a cacophony of random notes. She then turned her head and looked at him glumly. “I’d love to, but I don’t know how.”

Long Yang paused, and remembering how she had played the flute during the Autumn Hunt on the Cool Mountains the previous year, he said, “Then can you play the flute for me again?”

“There’s no flute here.” Lu Liangwei shrugged.

After thinking for a moment, Long Yang took her hands and started teaching her how to play the zither.


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