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Chapter 1227: : Blood Was Destined To Flow

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When she discovered that Youyou was the only son left behind by the late Crown Prince of the Yan Kingdom, Lu Liangwei knew this day would eventually come. However, she did not expect things to happen so soon.

A big spectacle of forcing the current Emperor off the throne was about to take place.

Lu Liangwei was initially a little nervous, but her fear vanished when she looked at the man sitting next to her, his expression calm and collected.

She would always feel safe as long as Long Yang was around.

Long Yang picked up a piece of pea cake and raised it close to her mouth. “You didn’t have much to eat during the banquet. Have some cake to fill your stomach.”

Lu Liangwei took the cake from him and began eating in small mouthfuls.

The pea cake melted in her mouth and Lu Liangwei’s mood was quickly uplifted.

After she was done with the cake, she picked up another piece and fed Long Yang. “You didn’t have anything to eat either. Have some too.”

“Alright,” Long Yang replied in a low voice. He lowered his head slightly and ate the cake directly from her hand.

Lu Liangwei was slightly shy about this and she shot him a look—Long Xuan and Chu Jiu were present.

However, she did not realize that Long Xuan and Chu Jiu had already turned away when they noticed the atmosphere.

Lu Liangwei wanted to pull her hand away, but Long Yang grabbed it and held it in place. She glared coquettishly at him and said in a lowered voice, “You should let go. I’m still hungry and want to continue eating.”

Long Yang wanted to go on teasing her, but this was not the right time, so he released his grip on her hand.

It was not long before the sound of metal clashing on metal was heard. There was shouting of an ensuing battle, panicked footsteps of the Palace servants, anguished crying. It was a symphony of devastation.

Lu Liangwei’s grip on the cake tightened. It sounded like blood was destined to flow in the Palace tonight.

She could not help feeling surprised at herself that she actually felt sleepy during this time.

Lu Liangwei leaned against the chair and began to nod off. Long Yang reached out to pull her into his arms. He took off the cloak he was wearing and wrapped her up in it.

She snuggled into his arms and fell into a deep sleep.

Lu Liangwei had no idea how long she had slept. Someone seemed to have barged in while she was dreaming, though it was not long before the noise vanished.

She shuffled into another position and continued sleeping.

Every time someone came barging in, Long Xuan and Chu Jiu were quick to take care of the person. No one disturbed Lu Liangwei’s sleep.

After some time passed, Long Yang said to Long Xuan, “I want the head of Beitang He.”

Long Xuan was not surprised to hear this. The fact that Beitang He was brazen enough to stare at his Royal Aunt with those unbridled eyes in the banquet hall was reason enough for his Royal Uncle to demand his death.

He quietly left and returned just as quietly after some time.

There was a vague stench of blood on him. “I’ve taken care of it.”

“Good.” Long Yang nodded. He noticed Lu Liangwei moving a little and quickly reached out to pat her back gently.

Lu Liangwei fell into deep sleep again.

Long Xuan was taken aback. He knew how much his Royal Uncle doted on his Royal Aunt, but he was still astonished by what he was seeing.

This was not merely doting affection his Royal Uncle was showing to his Royal Aunt, his Royal Uncle was obviously deeply in love.

It was only when the sky began to brighten that Long Yang carried Lu Liangwei and left with Long Xuan and Chu Jiu.

By that time, there was already a change in the Yan Kingdom.

The killing in the Palace had ceased last night and there was no sign of it anywhere. It was as if the bloody massacre was just the figments of one’s imagination.

The Palace still looked grand and glorious as usual.

However, the rule of the Yan Kingdom was in the hands of a young child from this day onward.

Lu Liangwei slept very soundly that night. She did not wake up even when she was carried out of the Yan Kingdom Palace by Long Yang.

The sun had long risen by the time she woke up.

When she saw Long Yang reading in a carefree manner by the table, she rubbed her sleepy eyes and sat up. “When did we leave the Palace?” She had no recollection of it at all.

“During daybreak.” Long Yang put down the book in his hands when he saw she had woken up and walked over to her.

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