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Chapter 1245: She Would Give Me A Lot Of Trouble

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Chapter 1245: She Would Give Me A Lot Of Trouble

At the outer gates.

Only after watching the Emperor and Empress’s honor guards leave did Lu Tingchen and his parents return to the camp.

Ling Lihua left for the quarantine zone while Lu Hetian headed toward the drill ground to inspect the soldiers’ training. Lu Tingchen still had some documents to go through and he planned to return to the tent.

When he passed by the tent Chu Jiu was staying in, he saw a junior soldier about to go in with a bowl of medicine.

Lu Tingchen remembered Weiwei’s words and stepped forward to take the medicine from the soldier. “You can go ahead and do your work.”

After the soldier left, Lu Tingchen entered the tent with the medicine in his hand.

Even the mighty would fall following illness. Even though Chu Jiu’s fever was gone, her body was still weak.

She looked extremely sickly under the covers and was especially powerless. She looked nothing like her usual cold self who would always distance herself from others.

When Lu Tingchen saw that she was still unconscious, he placed the medicine on the table. He approached her and reached out to feel her forehead to check if her fever had subsided.

Even though Chu Jiu was asleep, he was unaware that her senses were still exceptionally acute.

His hand had barely brushed her forehead when she woke up. Her eyes, cold as ice, stared sharply at the person who approached her.

Lu Tingchen was taken aback and pulled his hand away. “It looks like there’s nothing wrong with your health if you’re on such high alert.” He handed her the medicine from the table as he said this. “Weiwei got someone to boil this medicine for you. You should drink it while it’s hot.”

The flash of caution in Chu Jiu’s eyes faded and she tried to push herself up using her elbows.

Lu Tingchen quickly reached out to help her when he saw how weak she was. However, when she turned to look at him, he felt slightly awkward. “Don’t take this the wrong way! It’s just that before Weiwei left, she asked me to take care of you. If I don’t do as she asks, she would give me a lot of trouble. I’m doing this on account of Weiwei.”

“Thank you.”

He heard the woman’s quiet words the moment he finished speaking.

Her voice was incredibly soft. In addition to that, her throat was parched, which made her voice sound even weaker and more pitiful.

He would not have even heard her if he had not been listening carefully.

Because of that, Lu Tingchen had momentarily thought he had heard it wrong.

“Are you thanking me?” He raised an eyebrow slightly, feeling a little incredulous.

“Yes.” Chu Jiu sat up and took the bowl of medicine from him. She took a sip and contemplated something for a moment before adding, “Thank you.”

Lu Tingchen did not expect that she would thank him. Naturally, he did not imagine she would ever do something like that.

“I didn’t actually do anything. There’s no need for you to thank me.”

“Her Highness told me everything.” Chu Jiu drank her medicine slowly. “You were the one who found me unconscious and even carried me here.”

Lu Tingchen was taken aback.

He had not expected Weiwei to tell her about this at all. It made him feel more awkward than ever. He coughed lightly. “I still have work to finish. Rest well. I’ll come back to check on you later.” With that, he walked off in long strides and left the tent.

Chu Jiu frowned when she heard the second half of his sentence.

Her Highness may have left already, but she had already instructed people to take care of Chu Jiu’s daily meals, even making arrangements for someone to deliver medicine to her. There was no need to have Lu Tingchen take extra care of her.

Chu Jiu did not understand why Her Highness requested Lu Tingchen to do this.

Nevertheless, she was feeling a little dizzy and even though she could not comprehend it, she did not think deeper into the matter.

After she finished her medicine, she placed the empty bowl on the table next to the bed, then laid down to continue sleeping.

Lu Tingchen was about to take a break that night after completing his work when Xu Chen suddenly reported from outside his tent, “Heir Apparent Lu, Miss Chu Jiu threw up for unknown reasons and fainted again. We can’t wake her up no matter how hard we try.”

Lu Tingchen’s shapely face contorted into a frown when he heard this. He pushed open the entrance of the tent and walked out. “What’s going on?”

“Lil Guo, who is in charge of taking care of her, told me about it. He is on his way to get a physician,” explained Xu Chen.

Lu Tingchen could not help having stray thoughts that Lu Liangwei had left them with extra trouble.

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