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Chapter 1254: 1254 Can’t You Just Mind Your Own Business

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1254 Can’t You Just Mind Your Own Business

Chu Jiu was gone?

Ling Lihua was surprised, for Chu Jiu had not fully recovered yet.

However, seeing her son race out of the camp so anxiously, she could not help wondering if he had truly fallen for Chu Jiu.

Shaking her head, she decided to stay out of it and let nature take its course.

Chu Jiu was still a little weak, and although she could ride a horse, she did not dare to ride too fast.

After traveling for a long time, she only managed to reach the city.

The frontier here was not quite the same as the West Water Frontier.

Because Danjue people were more savage in nature, there were no trade relations between the two kingdoms, and hence the frontier here was not as prosperous as the West Water Frontier.

However, things had been relatively peaceful at the frontier in recent years as there were imperial troops stationed here. Many people had also moved here from other places, so it was still considered lively in the city.

Furthermore, the folk in frontier towns were more open-minded and lived more freely.

Smiling faces could be seen everywhere on the streets.

Once Chu Jiu entered the city, she got off her horse.

Leading her horse by the reins, she crossed the streets and headed to a restaurant to buy some solid food for the remainder of her journey.

After buying everything she needed, she left the restaurant and hung her purchases on the saddle.

Just when she was about to mount her horse again, she glimpsed a familiar figure in the distance, riding toward her with a sense of urgency.

For some reason, the sight of the man sent Chu Jiu into a panic, and she instinctively crouched to hide behind her horse.

Only when the sound of hooves had passed did Chu Jiu reveal herself.

She felt a little annoyed at herself for hiding.

Where was Lu Tingchen going, though?

Deciding not to waste time dwelling on it, she swung herself onto her horse and continued on her journey.

She rode out of the city and in the direction of the imperial capital.

However, she had just reached the main road when she caught sight of a tall figure leaning against a tree, staring at her icily.

Stunned, Chu Jiu stopped her horse.

“Why are you here?”

Lu Tingchen straightened up and walked over to her horse, a mirthless smile on his handsome face. “You’re just going to leave without saying goodbye?”

His cold expression and sarcastic tone reminded Chu Jiu exactly of how he used to be. Feeling nervous for no apparent reason, she immediately defended herself. “I informed the Duke. You and Madam weren’t around.”

For some reason, the anger in Lu Tingchen’s heart dissipated at the sight of her sheepishly avoiding his gaze.

“Isn’t it a bit rude of you to leave like this, after everything my mother and I did for you?”

Feeling guiltier than ever, Chu Jiu lowered her head. “I’m sorry.”

Lu Tingchen leveled an intent look at her before turning away and leading his horse over. After mounting his horse, he took the reins from her hands and said coolly, “Let’s go.”

Chu Jiu was taken aback.

Collecting herself, she tried to snatch the reins back from him. “I’m going back to the imperial capital. It’s not in that direction.”

“Who said you could go back to the imperial capital? We’re going back to the camp,” said Lu Tingchen commandingly.

The trace of guilt in Chu Jiu’s heart instantly vanished. Looking at the man’s domineering face, she pursed her lips and snapped, “Lu Tingchen, can’t you just mind your own business?”

Lu Tingchen shot her a look and said calmly, “Weiwei asked me to take care of you.”

A frown creased Chu Jiu’s forehead. “But I’ve already recovered. I don’t need you to take care of me anymore.”

“Chu Jiu, you sound like you’re kicking us down the ladder.” Lu Tingchen’s gaze landed on her face which was flushed from agitation.


Chu Jiu was at a loss for words.

She did not understand how this had anything to do with kicking them down the ladder.

She had indeed received his care during her time in the military camp, but she had already recovered, and now she wanted to leave. How in the world did that make her guilty of kicking people down the ladder?


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