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Chapter 1255: 1255 You’re Not A Man

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1255 You’re Not A Man

Lu Tingchen’s expression softened when he saw that she was looking upset and staying silent. He said, “You haven’t completely recovered yet. You can only return to the imperial capital if my mother proclaims that you’re healthy enough to make the journey. Otherwise, there’s no guarantee that you won’t fall sick on the road again with your current condition, especially since it’s such a long journey. If that happens, what is a woman like you going to do when you’re all alone?”

Chu Jiu detected the concern in his tone and suddenly felt a little flustered for some reason.

“I know my body very well. I won’t get sick,” she said confidently in the end.

“Who was the one who kept falling ill for the last few days? Do you think you can convince others so easily by saying those words?” Lu Tingchen said brusquely as he darted her a look.

Chu Jiu turned slightly red and retorted, “I’m feeling fine now…”

“Stop throwing a tantrum and let’s turn back. I still have some military work to do that can’t be delayed,” Lu Tingchen interrupted her and pulled the reins of her horse, making her turn back.

Chu Jiu was stunned to hear him actually try to cajole her.

She was not throwing a tantrum at all.

Even if she wanted to throw a tantrum, she would need the proper person to direct it to.

People like her had no right to throw tantrums.

Chu Jiu knew that from a very long time ago.

She felt Lu Tingchen’s words did not sound nice. She stared silently at his handsome face for a while before saying placidly, “If Heir Apparent Lu has military work that needs to be tended to, you should return immediately and stop wasting time on me.”

Lu Tingchen looked at her nice-looking face and softened his voice as he said, “I prefer working without any distractions. If there is something I’m worried about, my work would take twice as much time.”

His words caught Chu Jiu off guard and she was unable to respond.

What did Lu Tingchen mean by that?

They were not particularly well-acquainted with each other. Why would he say something that could be easily misunderstood?

This was the first time Chu Jiu considered Lu Tingchen to be a flirty person.

She reached out toward his wrist, attempting to snatch the reins back. However, Lu Tingchen was expecting this and managed to avoid her lunge. Instead, her wrist was grabbed by Lu Tingchen. He looked grimly at her. “What are you doing?”

Chu Jiu was slightly annoyed. Did he think she was trying to make a move on him?

Right on cue, Lu Tingchen continued, “It’s not very appropriate for a woman to be so handsy with guys, is it?”

Chu Jiu’s face flushed red with anger at his words and she burst out, “You’re thinking too highly of yourself. You’re not a man in my eyes.”

She immediately regretted it after saying those words.

Chu Jiu had only said that out of anxiousness.

As she expected, Lu Tingchen’s expression immediately darkened. Almost effortlessly, he pulled her off her horse.

“How are you so sure that I’m not a man?” His tone sounded dangerous—he was absolutely livid.

Chu Jiu’s entire body stiffened the moment she was forcefully pulled onto Lu Tingchen’s horse. When she came to her senses, she elbowed him from behind and tried to jump off the horse.

However, she was subdued the moment she lifted her arms. She tried to lift a leg to kick him, but he had managed to pin down both her legs. The next thing she knew, her whole body was pressed down on the back of the horse.

The man’s angry face came very close to hers. “Do you want to find out for yourself if I’m really a man?”

“Don’t you dare cross the line, Lu Tingchen!” Chu Jiu turned her face away from him.

“I’m crossing the line?” Lu Tingchen grabbed her face. His face was contorted with fury as his chest heaved heavily.

“I had no idea you could be so filthy.”

No man could bear to hear words that damaged their male ego and pride.

He was no exception.

How dare she say that he was not a man?

Chu Jiu knew her words had hurt him. To stop him from doing anything overboard to her, she had no choice but to soften her tone. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. Please let it go.”

“You can’t take back words that have already been spouted.” Lu Tingchen stared fixedly at her. His whole face was beet-red from anger, but there was a sudden strange feeling fluttering in his heart.

At such a close distance, he suddenly found himself thinking that this tomboy looked quite pretty.

She had good-looking features and if she did not always have such a cold expression, she would actually have a beautiful and inviting face.

This was further accentuated when she kept her lips tightly pursed together and said nothing. Even when she was angry, she looked rather attractive.


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