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Chapter 1261: 1261 His Majesty Dotes On Weiwei A Lot

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1261 His Majesty Dotes On Weiwei A Lot

Even though Ling Lihua had already guessed it, she was still shocked when she heard the definite answer coming from her son’s mouth.

She poured herself another cup of tea.

Ling Lihua had to calm herself down.

After drinking the second cup, Ling Lihua finally managed to compose herself.

She did not want to pour cold water over her son.

She should feel happy about her son finally being willing to settle down.


“Have you checked with Miss Chu Jiu if she is willing to marry you?” From what she understood, Chu Jiu did not really like her son.

She was worried this was a one-sided desire from her son.

Lu Tingchen frowned. “She…should agree to it.”

Ling Lihua clapped a hand to her face. She had no idea what to do with him.

“What do you mean that she should agree to it?”

Lu Tingchen asked her in return, “Why shouldn’t she agree to it?”

Ling Lihua finally realized why her son had never managed to find himself a wife at this age.

It did not matter how good-looking he was, this attitude alone was enough to drive another person crazy.

He wanted to marry Chu Jiu, but he was acting as if he was doing her a great favor.

If this was not her son, Ling Lihua would have taught him a lesson then and there.

She took a deep breath before trying to analyze the situation with him calmly.

“What’s the difference compared to robbing others when you’re acting this way?”

Lu Tingchen choked.

“A promise to marry should happen between two willing parties who have feelings for each other. That is the only path to happiness after marriage,” Ling Lihua explained patiently to him.

“But Weiwei was not willing to marry His Majesty in the beginning either when he wanted her hand in marriage. Look at them now. They have a great relationship and His Majesty dotes on Weiwei a lot. It’s also clear that Weiwei loves His Majesty too and they are living quite happily together.”

Lu Tingchen just had to use his younger sister as an example.

Ling Lihua was so furious that she slammed the cup in her hand on the table.

“If things weren’t set in stone when I returned, I would never have allowed His Majesty to bully Weiwei that way.”

Even though His Majesty treated Weiwei very well and the girl loved him in return now, there was no denying that he did use extreme methods to force Weiwei into marriage.

It was infuriating to think that her son was taking His Majesty as a role model!

Lu Tingchen knew that he had said something wrong when he saw his mother so angry. He gave this some thought and asked, “What suggestions would you have for me, Mother?”

Ling Lihua had calmed down from her anger by now.

Weiwei had three children now, after all. Even though Ling Lihua regretted the past, there was nothing she could do about it now.

“If you’re sincere in wanting to marry Chu Jiu, you should try to win her heart so that she is willing to marry you. Don’t bully her just because she is an orphan,” Ling Lihua said brusquely.

Lu Tingchen was reminded of Chu Jiu’s stubborn and awkward personality. He thought that it would be quite difficult to win her over.

However, he did not disagree with his mother. “I understand.”

Ling Lihua knew the boy had never fallen for any other girl before and this was his first time. Moreover, his target was an obstinate girl and it was going to be a thorny road for him. With that in mind, she gave him a few pointers.

“It’s easy to win a girl’s heart if you put in enough effort. Even though Chu Jiu has a cold and distant personality, she is still a girl, at the end of the day. You can bring her gifts every day such as flowers or food. Don’t keep her inside the camp all the time and bore her. Take her to have some fun in the city whenever you have free time.”

Lu Tingchen noted all this down quietly.

At the end of the session, he remembered something and said, “I sealed Chu Jiu’s internal strength.”

Ling Lihua was a little shocked when she heard this. “Why did you do that?”

Lu Tingchen gave a light cough. “If I didn’t seal her internal strength, she would have run off.”

Ling Lihua suddenly scoffed gloatingly, “How could you treat her like that? It’d be a miracle if she agrees to marry you!”

Lu Tingchen frowned. A thought crossed his mind and his expression relaxed. “That won’t necessarily be the case. If Chu Jiu really did find me utterly repulsive…” She would not have told him her name.


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