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Chapter 127: His Handsome Face Turned Red From Embarrassment

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Chapter 127: His Handsome Face Turned Red From Embarrassment

Lu Tingchen had never expected Lu Liangwei to be so ambitious. She actually wanted to become a County Princess?

In the Great Shang Kingdom, even though the position of County Princess carried with it both a feudal fiefdom and an official’s salary, it was not a title that was easily conferred.

Apart from the fact that this title was bestowed upon women of royal descent, one also had to perform services of extraordinary merit.

Furthermore, since the founding of the Great Shang Kingdom, there had only been a handful of women whom the title of County Princess had been bestowed upon.

Even though Weiwei was the daughter of a Duke and would be able to earn merit by curing the Emperor, there was no guarantee that the Emperor would make an exception and grant her the title of County Princess.

However, Lu Tingchen did not disillusion Lu Liangwei’s hopes. Instead, he asked, “Why do you want to be a County Princess?”

“I think that your earlier suggestion is excellent, Big Brother. I don’t want to be apart from my family. I want to pass my days with all of you for a long, long time, so getting an adopted son-in-law is the best plan. Moreover, I’ve heard that a County Princess in the Great Shang Kingdom has quite a high annual salary. If I become a County Princess, I’ll have sufficient financial resources to take care of myself and my future husband, who will marry into our family.”

Lu Tingchen could not hide the surprise on his face when he heard what she said.

She had actually given a great deal of thought to the distant future.

“Why are you looking so shocked?” Lu Liangwei asked disapprovingly. She was fully cognizant of the material benefits of being a County Princess in the Great Shang Dynasty, but she was also aware that it was no easy feat to be granted the title. This was merely an idea she harbored. Even if she did not become a County Princess, it was not essential that she do so.

Lu Tingchen sighed. He reached out to tidy Lu Liangwei’s hair that he had disarranged, commenting, “Even if you don’t become a County Princess, I’ll still be able to take care of you and your husband-to-be for the rest of your lives.”

Lu Liangwei’s heart warmed at his words, but she shook her head calmly. “I believe that you could take care of me for life, Big Brother, but you’ll need to get married in the future too. If I depend on you forever, I fear my future sister-in-law will disapprove of me.”

Without hesitation at all, Lu Tingchen replied, “Then I’ll find someone who can put up with you to be your sister-in-law.”

Lu Liangwei was startled. She looked at his resolute countenance and felt deeply moved. What more could she ask for when she had an elder brother like that?

She believed his words, but the future was still very far away and filled with variables.

However, this suggestion of finding an adopted son-in-law for her family was something she had now set her heart on.

This did mean that she would need to save up enough money.

Even though she currently had a good sum of pocket money every month, after careful consideration, it was clear that it was not enough for her use.

She rested her chin on her hand as she pondered on how she might be able to earn money.

Lu Tingchen watched her frown amid her contemplations and thought she was still thinking about becoming a County Princess. He, too, could not help falling into deep thought.

If he managed to earn merit through his services, when the time came, he would be able to request the Emperor to bestow upon his sister the title of County Princess. In this way, he could make her wish come true.

However, the country was currently enjoying a time of peace. Under the Emperor’s rule, the Great Shang Kingdom was prosperous, and its people were united. Even the countries around them were at peace with each other. For the time being, no invasions were on the horizon, and there were no opportunities whatsoever for him to earn merit.



Both siblings sighed at the same time.

Lu Liangwei glanced at Lu Tingchen and could not help asking, “Why are you sighing for no good reason?”

As she said this, something crossed her mind. Before he could answer, her eyes had crinkled up into crescents as she smiled brightly and teased, “Big Brother, you’re not thinking about girls right now, are you?”

Lu Tingchen was in the process of eating an apple in his hand out of sheer boredom. When he heard his sister’s words, he almost choked on the fruit. “Cough cough…”

His handsome face turned red from embarrassment, and he glared furiously at her. “What nonsense are you spouting?”

Lu Liangwei said nonchalantly, “What’s there to be shy about? You’re not that young anymore—it’s completely normal for you to be thinking about girls. It would be more frightening if you didn’t have even the slightest of amorous thoughts.”

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