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Chapter 1274: 1274

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1274 Let’s Sleep Together

Lu Tingchen came by at the same moment Chu Jiu left the tent.

When he saw her looking like she was in a great hurry, he grabbed her wrist. “What’s going on?”

Chu Jiu gave this some thought and decided that there was nothing to hide. She explained, “Ji Lingxiu was poisoned with aphrodisiac poison and the Grand Duchess is currently giving her acupuncture. She wants me to get some ice.” She paused and later said with a trace of concern, “You shouldn’t go in there.”

Lu Tingchen’s mind had stopped at the words ‘aphrodisiac poison’. When he heard her added remark at the end, a smile appeared on his lips. “Are you afraid of me seeing something if I went inside?”

Chu Jiu glared at him. “If you aren’t afraid of your eyes growing a stye, you’re free to go in.”

Lu Tingchen choked. He rubbed his nose. “That’s a pretty vicious curse you’re giving me, Jiu!”

Chu Jiu ignored his teasing and said, “Since you’re here, why don’t you fetch the ice?”

“How about we go together?” Lu Tingchen took the opportunity to hold her hand.

Chu Jiu felt a little awkward and reminded him, “The army camp is a serious place. You shouldn’t do this. It would be inappropriate if anyone saw us.”

“Don’t worry. No one would dare to look at us.” When Lu Tingchen saw that she did not push him away, he immediately intertwined his fingers with hers.

Chu Jiu gave him a look and wanted to brush his hand away. However, she gave up on the thought after some consideration.

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When the weather was hot, food would spoil easily, which was why the camp had prepared a pit specifically to store raw ingredients like meat.

Lu Tingchen got someone to bring over a bucket of ice to be sent over to Ling Lihua’s tent.

When he was right outside, Lu Tingchen paused in his steps and stared at the massive bucket of ice. He looked slightly downcast as he said, “If it’s not convenient for me to enter, then it won’t be for others as well. Are you sure you can carry this bucket in on your own?”

Chu Jiu shot him a look and said nothing as she quickly carried the bucket into the tent.

Lu Tingchen, “…”

He knew she was strong, but witnessing it for himself still felt a little strange somehow.

Why would a woman be this strong? It gave him no chance to show off!

“Miss Chu Jiu is truly strong!” Xu Chen felt embarrassed for his own inferior strength.

Lu Tingchen snapped out of his trance to glare at Xu Chen. “Do you think everyone is as weak as you are?”

Xu Chen scratched his head. “Am I that weak? I think I’m decent. I’m just not as strong as Miss Chu Jiu.” He noticed Heir Presumptive Lu looking a little angry after his remarks and he quickly added, “Of course, it doesn’t matter how strong Miss Chu Jiu is, she isn’t as strong as Heir Presumptive Lu!”

“You look like you have a lot of time on your hands. You should go run some circles!” Lu Tingchen gave him a swift kick.

Xu Chen had countless complaints over this.

He deeply believed that Heir Presumptive Lu was unhappy after being punished by the Grand Duke who ordered him to run ten circles, and was now directing his anger back at Xu Chen.

Heir Presumptive Lu was being unreasonable!

Chu Jiu left the tent again after helping Ling Lihua get the bucket of ice for Ji Lingxiu. She planned to return to her tent to get some rest.

However, the moment she entered her tent, she saw a certain Heir Presumptive laying on her bed conspicuously. He had casually taken up all the space on the bed without hesitation and was sleeping very soundly.

The corner of Chu Jiu’s lips twitched.

How shameless of Lu Tingchen!

He had a bed of his own yet he came running to her tent.

She walked over to him. She was not in the mood to admire the sight of the handsome, sleeping man, and kicked him without holding back. “Lu Tingchen, go to your own tent to sleep.”

Lu Tingchen woke up from her kick. His drowsy eyes opened and he stared at her in a daze. Without warning, he reached out and pulled her to him.

“I’m so tired, Jiu. Let’s sleep together.”

Chu Jiu was yanked onto the bed and was so surprised that she could not react. When she heard his words, she gave him a punch on the stomach without a second thought.

“Lu Tingchen, how could you be so shameless?”

What did he mean by this when they had not even made any personal promises?

Lu Tingchen grunted from the punch, now completely awake.

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