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Chapter 1280: 1280 In The End, She Was Still Too Late

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1280 In The End, She Was Still Too Late

When Lu Tingchen glanced over his shoulder, he caught sight of the fondness in Chu Jiu’s eyes.

His lips curled into a smile, and his dark eyes flickered with affection.

After having had their fill of roast fish, they spent some more time by the lake and only left when the sky started to get dark.

They rode their way back at a leisurely pace.

Their shadows overlapped in the glow of the setting sun, making them seem like a single inseparable entity.

When they got back to the camp, it was already dusk.

When Lu Tingchen had walked Chu Jiu back to her tent, a thought came to her. “By the way, didn’t you say you had to drill the troops this afternoon?”

“My father was around. I wasn’t needed.” Lu Tingchen shirked the responsibility breezily.

“It’s getting late. You should go back.” Chu Jiu shot him a disapproving look and said urgingly.

The memory of their lakeside kiss made her nervous, especially when they were alone in an enclosed space like this.

Lu Tingchen knew she was embarrassed, but he could not help wanting to tease her for a bit more.

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He brought his good-looking face close to hers. “I’ll go back if you give me a kiss.”

The nearness of his face made Chu Jiu blush, but the sight of his crimson lips seemed to hypnotize her, and she closed the distance between them to give them a peck.

Lu Tingchen had only meant to tease her—he did not think that she would actually kiss him at all.

Therefore, when the girl pressed her soft, sweet lips to his, he went rigid and stared at her blankly.

Her cheeks burning, Chu Jiu whirled away from him and said in a trembling voice, “Y-you should go now.”

Finally recovering his senses, Lu Tingchen straightened up and moved behind her to give her a quick hug. His warm breath grazed her neck, and his voice was low and throaty. “All right. Goodbye, then.”

Chu Jiu remained frozen until he moved away from her. When his footsteps had finally faded into the distance, she collapsed onto her bed in exhaustion.

When Lu Tingchen came out of Chu Jiu’s tent, his handsome face still carried the trace of a smile.

Just then, Ji Lingxiu emerged from the shadows and called out a little hesitantly, “Big Bro Tingchen.”

Lu Tingchen stopped in his tracks, his eyes flickering over to her. The smile on his face had vanished, and he had reverted to his upright yet unapproachable Heir Presumptive mode.

“What’s the matter?”

Ji Lingxiu gave him a plaintive look. She had clearly seen him smiling when he had come out of the tent just now.

She took a few steps closer to him and said dolefully, “I came to the frontier for your sake, Big Bro Tingchen.”

Frowning, Lu Tingchen stepped back. “We’re not that close, Ji Lingxiu, so don’t call me that. Weiwei’s my one and only little sister.”

Ji Lingxiu was discomfited. “I used to follow you everywhere when we were children—have you forgotten that? Do you hate me just because I picked on Lu Liangwei in the past?”

“I don’t remember what happened when we were children, but I do detest you,” Lu Tingchen replied bluntly, unconcerned about the potential hurt his words could cause to a young lady.

Ji Lingxiu teetered slightly, her already pale face turning even whiter.

Bowing her head, she asked dejectedly, “Do you like Chu Jiu that much?”

She had been waiting for Lu Tingchen here since she learned in the daytime that he was not in the camp.

She had not expected him to return with that woman called Chu Jiu and what was more, they had been laughing and chatting merrily.

She had watched as he walked Chu Jiu back to her tent, only coming out after a long time with a fond and gentle smile on his handsome face.

It had left her thunderstruck.

She had never imagined that a person like Lu Tingchen would fall in love with Chu Jiu.

In the end, she was still too late.

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