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Chapter 1295: 1295

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1295 Because I’m His Mother

Lu Liangwei nodded. “I think that works. It’s going to be a bit rushed, but we already have everything prepared long ago, just that we had to delay the wedding because I wasn’t around. What do you think, Chu Yi?”

Zhu Yu was not there as it was inappropriate for the bride to participate in the wedding date discussion, so Lu Liangwei – who was acting on behalf of the bride – could only ask for Chu Yi’s opinion.

If Chu Yi could marry Zhu Yu that same day, he would, but no matter how eager he was, he could only answer reservedly, “I’ll follow your decision, Your Highness.”

Since he had no objection, Lu Liangwei and the others concluded that the wedding would be held the day after the next.

“It’s been so long since we had a lively event in the palace, and since it’s your big day this time, we have to go all out. Well then, Butler Zhao—I’ll leave the rest of the preparation work to you,” said Lu Liangwei.

“Rest assured, Your Highness. I’ll see that everything is in order.” Zhao Qian was itching to get to work too. It had been ages since they had an occasion in the palace, and he was determined to liven things up.

Lu Liangwei nodded, knowing that she never had to worry about Butler Zhao’s efficiency.

It was almost noon when their discussion came to an end.

Lu Liangwei asked Long Qingzhi and Lin Qingyuan to stay in the palace for lunch.

Just when she was about to order the servants to serve the food, Long Yang returned with Long Xuan in tow.

All of them sat down for a jolly meal.

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After lunch, Long Qingzhi left the palace as she had to go back and look after Wanyan Zhi.

Lin Qingyuan had nothing to do, so she was not in a hurry to leave. Seeing the nannies heading over with the infants in their arms, she moved to hold Yaoyao.

However, her hands had barely grazed Yaoyao when another pair of arms whisked the baby away.

Lin Qingyuan ended up grasping at thin air, and she frowned in displeasure at the man who was carrying Yaoyao. “Excuse me, General Long, I was going to hold Yaoyao first.”

Long Xuan cradled the fair-skinned Yaoyao close to his chest. She was so small that she hardly weighed anything in his arms.

However, before he could acquaint himself with this tiny bundle of joy, Lin Qingyuan’s irritated voice came to him.

He glanced at her, cocking an eyebrow. “Oh, did you? I didn’t notice.” He then turned back to Yaoyao and cooed to her. “Lil Yaoyao, try saying Big Bro.”

A corner of Lin Qingyuan’s mouth twitched in irritation.

What the heck? She was clearly there first!

Frustrated, she reached out to Long Yin. “Do you want me to carry you, Your Little Highness?”

Hearing her voice, Long Yin sent her an uninterested glance from his spot in his mother’s soft embrace before nestling further into it, his rejection painfully obvious.

Lin Qingyuan was a little indignant.

Yaoyao was the only one of the three children who got along well with her. The Prince hardly paid her attention, and asking for any from Ji’er was basically out of the question.

Unfortunately, Yaoyao was in Long Xuan’s arms right now, and Lin Qingyuan could not hold her even if she wanted to.

Lu Liangwei was amused by Lin Qingyuan’s sullen expression. “Long Xuan’s never held Yaoyao. Let him have his turn for a bit.”

Lin Qingyuan glared at Long Xuan and muttered under her breath, “Do I have a choice? He’s already holding her.”

It was a loud mutter, nonetheless, and Long Xuan gave her a furtive look.

He knew that he should behave more like a gentleman, but Yaoyao was so adorable that he could not bear to let go of her.

After considering for a moment, he said to Lin Qingyuan, “Please wait for a while, Miss Lin. I’ll hold Yaoyao for a little longer, then you can hold her.”

Lin Qingyuan ignored him and played with Long Yin together with Lu Liangwei.

However, no matter what she offered to him, she could not pique his interest.

On the other hand, he accepted everything Lu Liangwei gave him.

Lin Qingyuan was flabbergasted. “It’s incredible how this child still remembers you even though you’ve been gone for so long. How do you do it? Why is he so cold to us but so affectionate with you?”

“Because I’m his mother.” Lu Liangwei shot her a smug look.

Lin Qingyuan was speechless for a moment before pressing her lips into a pout.

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