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Chapter 1299: 1299 You Want Me To Sleep Alone

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1299 You Want Me To Sleep Alone

Lu Liangwei said solemnly, “That’s exactly why we need to be careful. Our children may be young, but our actions can influence them subconsciously.”

Long Yang frowned. “In that case, we’d better not let them sleep with us.”

“No way! I already lost the chance to breastfeed them. If we don’t let them sleep with us, it’ll be hard for me to form close relationships with them in the future.” Lu Liangwei shook her head firmly.

This time, her message was loud and clear to Long Yang. This girl wanted to sleep with the children.

Then where was he supposed to sleep?

Massaging the spot between his brows, he tried to persuade her into changing her mind. “It’ll be exhausting to sleep with them. Besides, you’ll have trouble handling them on your own.”

“It’ll be fine—they behave pretty well. The nannies said they don’t cry at night,” Lu Liangwei said nonchalantly.

“Then where am I supposed to sleep?” Long Yang finally asked the most important question.

“You can go back to Hidden Dragon Palace.” Lu Liangwei eyed him stoutly.

“You want me to sleep alone?” Long Yang’s bottomless eyes narrowed slowly.

“You’re not a child. Why can’t you sleep alone?” All that mattered to Lu Liangwei now were her children, and she did not hesitate to cast the Emperor aside.

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Long Yang wrapped an arm around her waist and pinched the soft flesh there. “I can’t sleep if you’re not beside me.”

Lu Liangwei was ticklish, and she burst out giggling.

Remembering that her children were sleeping, she hastily stifled her giggles, which resulted in her face quickly turning red.

Long Yang seized the opportunity to swoop her up in his arms and set her down at the foot of the bed.

Sensing his intention, Lu Liangwei quickly pressed a hand over his. “Don’t… The children are here…”

“They’re asleep.” Long Yang kissed her with great fervor.

Lu Liangwei felt as if her heart was going to burst out of her chest. Her several attempts at pushing him away did not deter him; in fact, it only reinforced his persistence.

Just then, a loud cry startled them.

A vein on Long Yang’s forehead bulged, but he slightly released his grip on Lu Liangwei’s waist.

Lu Liangwei hastily pushed him away and adjusted her clothes before heading over to their children.

Long Yang stared after her slender figure, his throat dry. As he watched her pick up the wailing Long Yin, he pursed his lips, certain that the little brat was doing this on purpose.

He rarely cried, but when he did, it was at the most inconvenient moment.

After checking the inside of their son’s pants, Lu Liangwei chuckled. “He peed himself.”

Long Yang paused for a moment before heading off to the bathroom.

After changing Long Yin into a fresh pair of pants, Lu Liangwei put the child back down on the bed.

As she recalled what had just happened, she could not help finding it funny.

This kid had cried not a moment too soon!

She secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

She turned her head, only to see a wet-haired Long Yang walk out of the bathroom. He was only wearing an inner garment and a cool cloud of water vapor surrounded his body.

Lu Liangwei was surprised. “You took a bath?”

“Yes.” Long Yang fetched a robe and changed into it. “Go ahead and sleep. I’ll head to the imperial study to handle some state affairs.”

“All right.” Lu Liangwei nodded and lay down beside her two children.

Long Yang glanced back at her as he walked out. Seeing that she had lain down, he could not help feeling a little disgruntled.

All Weiwei cared about now were the children. He, on the other hand, had been tossed away into a far corner.

After both children had woken up and been fed with milk, Lu Liangwei figured that Ji’er had probably awakened too, so she brought the two siblings to the side hall.

When they arrived, Ji’er had just woken up.

Chu Qi was holding her in his arms and feeding her cow’s milk.

Lu Liangwei finally got to witness first-hand how careful and patient Lil Qi could be.

He sat upright on a stool with Ji’er on his lap. One of his arms held the child securely, while his free hand scooped spoonfuls of cow’s milk from a bowl and fed them to her.

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