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Chapter 1300: 1300

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1300 Not Able To Do Better

Ji’er was very obedient and had a great rapport with Chu Qi.

Every time the spoon in his hand touched Ji’er’s lips, she would open her mouth and obediently drink her milk without needing any persuasion.

Even though Chu Qi could not see, he was able to ensure that none of the food dribbled. Lu Liangwei was quite impressed.

Chang laughed and said, “Princess Ji’er may look like she is an easy girl to feed, but she would not be so cooperative if I was the one doing it. She likes being fed by Lil Qi.”

It made Lu Liangwei quite emotional when she saw the young man, who used to be so cold and distant, taking care of her daughter with so much patience and attention.

Yaoyao chose this moment to begin babbling non-stop.

When Ji’er heard the noise, she immediately looked over. Her expression quickly changed when she saw Yaoyao.

She had not forgotten how her older sister once tried to snatch Chu Qi from her.

Apparently afraid that Yaoyao intended to take her milk, Ji’er quickly babbled at Chu Qi, as if urging him to quickly finish feeding her.

When Chu Qi heard her cries, he continued feeding her at normal speed.

Ji’er drank the milk a little too anxiously and suddenly choked. She coughed and her entire face turned red.

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Lu Liangwei was about to rush to her side when she saw Chu Qi had already put the spoon down and was carrying Ji’er. He let the baby lean against his shoulder while he gently patted her on the back expertly.

It was not long before Ji’er stopped coughing.

Lu Liangwei was surprised by what she saw—she felt that she was not able to do better.

Lil Qi was taking care of the child better than Lu Liangwei, the child’s mother.

She handed Yaoyao over to Chang and walked over toward Ji’er, saying gently, “Ji’er, how about letting me carry you?”

Ji’er looked up to glance at Lu Liangwei while leaning against Chu Qi’s shoulder. She lowered her eyes a moment later.

Lu Liangwei’s heart sank.

Ji’er seemed to be treating her very coldly today.

Lu Liangwei took out a pinwheel from behind her back and showed it to Ji’er.

Ji’er’s eyes immediately lit up at the sight of the colorful pinwheel.

Lu Liangwei blew on the pinwheel and the wheel began turning.

When Ji’er saw this, she immediately reached her hand out to play with it.

Lu Liangwei pulled it further away, teasing Ji’er on purpose. “Let me carry you and I’ll give you the pinwheel.”

Ji’er looked at the pinwheel in Lu Liangwei’s hand, then broke out into a wide smile as she reached out to Lu Liangwei.

Lu Liangwei felt a little dejected by this.

It had never crossed her mind that she would be less important than a pinwheel in her daughter’s eyes.

However, Ji’er could not be blamed—she had only met her mother yesterday.

Lu Liangwei got her wish as she took Ji’er in her arms and happily passed the pinwheel to the child.

Ji’er completely forgot about Chu Qi after getting her hands on the pinwheel.

Chi Qi quietly cleared the bowls.

Lu Liangwei took the chance to ask, “Lil Qi, how are you feeling now? Do you still feel uncomfortable?”

Chu Qi shook his head. “No.”

“That’s good to know. You can take off the bandages the day after tomorrow.” Lu Liangwei nodded.

Chu Qi left after he was done cleaning up.

Only Lu Liangwei, Zhu Yu, and Chang remained in the hall. Each of them was carrying one child.

Chang glanced at Yaoyao in her arms, who was an exact replica of Ji’er. She smiled to say, “The sisters are two peas in a pod.”

Lu Liangwei looked at Ji’er, whom she was carrying, and then looked at Yaoyao. She smiled and replied, “Yes, they do. They look more alike compared to Yin’er. Although, there are still some differences between the sisters. Ji’er has a mole on top of her eyebrow, while Yaoyao has one over here, whereas Ji’er doesn’t have a mole.”

Chang glanced at Yaoyao’s right ear when she heard this and then said with a smile, “Your Highness is truly observant. Princess Yaoyao’s mole is tiny. You can’t really tell it’s there without looking carefully.”

When Yaoyao saw her mother carrying her sister for so long with no indication of putting her down anytime soon, she got anxious and began babbling while waving her little hands.

Chang was amused by this and said, “Is Princess Yaoyao getting anxious because Her Highness is carrying your younger sister instead of you?”


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