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Chapter 1304: 1304

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1304 Happy Day

“I understand, Miss.” Zhu Yu sniffled.

“It’s good that you understand.” Lu Liangwei rubbed her head and took out a box from the cupboard. “Inside this is my dowry for you. I hope you’ll be able to be happy and everything will be blissful between you and Chu Yi.”

Zhu Yu accepted the box. It was heavy and filled with her mistress’s love for her.

“Thank you, Miss.”

“There’s no need to thank me. You deserve this. Alright, it’s getting late. You should return early and get some rest. No need to come over tomorrow, just wait for your wedding day. I’ll send someone over to do your makeup and I’ll personally see you to the bridal sedan,” Lu Liangwei said with a smile.

They were mistress and servant, and Zhu Yu had always been loyal to her, offering Lu Liangwei everything she had. It was only right of Lu Liangwei to send her off personally.

On the day of Chu Yi and Zhu Yu’s marriage, Lu Liangwei carried her children and headed to the side hall to send Zhu Yu off.

Zhu Yu was already dressed by the time Lu Liangwei arrived.

She was wearing the red wedding dress that Chu Yi had prepared for her. She looked exceptionally beautiful with the light makeup on her face.

Zhu Yu sat properly at the side of the bed. When she saw Lu Liangwei, she habitually got up to give Lu Liangwei a bow.”

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Lu Liangwei quickly stepped forward with Ji’er in her arms and pressed Zhu Yu down.

“You’re the bride today. You should be sitting down and not moving around.”

Zhu Yu could only return to her seat.

Lu Liangwei looked her over properly and said, “Zhu Yu, you look gorgeous when you’re dressed up.”

Zhu Yu was a little embarrassed when she heard this. “Miss, you’re making fun of me again.”

Lu Liangwei said seriously, “I’m not making fun of you, truly. If you don’t believe me, you can go ahead and ask Qingyuan and Big Sis Chang.”

Lin Qingyuan was aware that Zhu Yu was marrying Chu Yi today, and therefore had come to the Palace to watch the celebration.

When she heard Lu Liangwei say her name, she immediately agreed to her statement. “Zhu Yu, you look stunning today. I guarantee you that Chu Yi will be mesmerized the moment he takes off your wedding veil.” After that, she turned to Long Yin, whom she was carrying in her arms, and said, “Little prince, isn’t Zhu Yu super pretty today?”

It was probably the first time Long Yin had seen someone dressed in red and he unexpectedly gave Zhu Yu a rare glance.

Lin Qingyuan laughed when she saw this. “See for yourself. Even our noble Prince, His Highness, is giving you an approving look.”

Zhu Yu wanted to laugh. Her cheeks turned a natural red which could not be hidden by the blush on her face.

Chang laughed while carrying Yaoyao. “Miss Zhu Yu has great fortune.”

As everyone laughed and chatted away, the bride’s escort party arrived.

Lu Liangwei covered Zhu Yu’s head with the wedding veil and Chang passed Yaoyao over to Nanny Chen. She escorted Zhu Yu out of the room.

Zhu Yu lived in the side hall, which was very close to Chu Yi’s courtyard, and she arrived at the courtyard very soon.

As the wedding banquet was held inside the Palace, Long Yang had also taken time out to have a drink at the ceremony.

Many of the imperial court officials had also arrived specially to congratulate the Commander of the Palace Cavalry when they found out about his wedding.

The wedding banquet ended with much noise and merriment.

Lu Liangwei had just sat down after returning from the banquet when Long Yang passed a letter to her.

“What’s this?”

“Your mother sent this from the frontier.” Long Yang took Ji’er from Lu Liangwei’s arms.

Lu Liangwei tore the envelope open when she heard this.

After reading the letter, her expression was a little dazed.

Spotting this, Long Yang asked, “What’s wrong? What did the letter say?”

Lu Liangwei passed the letter to him. “Read it for yourself.”

Long Yang’s eyebrow raised slightly after reading it. “Your older brother works really fast!”

“This is almost lightning speed.” Lu Liangwei had no idea how to react to this.

Her mother had actually requested for her and her grandmother to start planning her big brother’s wedding.

Her grandmother had just visited the Palace two days ago specifically to ask her about what her big brother thought. She had been greatly troubled over her brother’s marital status.

Now that there was good news, her grandmother could finally feel relieved.

However, the person her big brother wanted to marry was Chu Jiu…

Lu Liangwei was very surprised by this.

What happened between her brother and Chu Jiu after she left?

Lu Liangwei was truly curious.

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