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Chapter 1306: 1306

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1306 Who Would You Be Able To Spend Your Wedding Night With

Long Yang’s expression softened as he looked at his little daughter sleeping soundly in his arms.

When she saw this, Lu Liangwei quickly brought over a thin blanket and gently covered Ji’er with it. with that done, she sat next to Long Yang once more and watched her sleeping daughter, reveling at the sight.

She had never imagined Jiu to have such a childhood.

It was no wonder Jiu had always acted cold and distant.

“It would appear that Jiu owes Butler Zhao a great debt.” Lu Liangwei’s gaze turned away from Ji’er’s sleeping face as she spoke softly.

“Yes. That is why your brother and Jiu’s wedding should be discussed directly with Zhao Qian,” said Long Yang.

“I understand. Grandmother will be entering the Palace tomorrow. I’ll invite Butler Zhao over for the discussion.” Lu Liangwei nodded.

She had never expected her big brother and Chu Jiu to become an item.

Lu Liangwei had asked her brother to look after Jiu the day she left the frontier. He was quite reluctant back then, which was why it had never crossed her mind that they would be talking about marriage in such a short time.

The most astonishing part about this was undeniably Jiu.

Her mother had requested her and her grandmother to pick out a date, which meant that Jiu must have already agreed to the marriage too.

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What did her big brother do to Jiu? It was hard to believe that Jiu would agree to marry her brother so soon, given her personality.

Lu Liangwei had always wondered what sort of man Jiu would end up marrying with a character like hers. She would never have dreamed that Jiu would end up becoming her sister-in-law.

Lu Liangwei also never thought her big brother would have a few tricks up his sleeve to be able to snag himself a girl like Jiu in such a short time.

This was a total surprise but also quite delightful.

On the night Chu Yi and Zhu Yu were getting married, Zhao Qian and Chu Qi remained in his courtyard late into the night.

It was a happy occasion and Zhao Qian could not stop himself from drinking a few more vats of wine with Long Xuan.

Chu Qi did not drink, but he was not in a hurry to leave either.

He sat quietly at the side, listening to the noise that filled the courtyard.

It was only when the last of the guests had left that Zhao Qian and Chu Qi got up to leave.

However, Zhao Qian stuffed a booklet into Chu Yi’s hand before they left. He burped in a drunken stupor and said tipsily, “This is your wedding gift. No need to thank me.”

“What is it?” Being the groom, Chu Yi had been offered lots of wine by his colleagues. He was currently tipsy as well.

“This is good stuff. You should read it when you’re inside your wedding room.” Zhao Qian placed a hand on Chu Qi’s shoulders, unable to differentiate left from right. He continued talking without reservation, “I promised in the past to prepare this for you on the day of your wedding. It’s not just you. When it’s Lil Qi’s turn to get married, I’ll prepare one for him too.”

Chu Yi frowned. “Thanks, then. It’s getting late. You should get going soon.”

Zhao Qian began chuckling when he heard this. “Sigh. Chu Yi, you’ve got yourself a wife now. You should fix that bad habit of yours of always being so anxious. Otherwise, you’ll scare the bride away. If that happens, who would you even be able to spend your wedding night with?”

Chu Yi punted him in the butt without hesitation. “Do I need a eunuch to teach me this? Get out now and stop spoiling my wedding night.”

Zhao Qian stumbled from the kick and when it dawned on him what had just happened, he was enraged. He was about to retaliate when Chu Yi kicked both of them out of the courtyard in a quick and smooth motion. He even slammed the door of the courtyard right in their faces.

Zhao Qian, “…”

Chu Qi, “…”

The look in Chu Yi’s eyes brightened as he stood in the courtyard, looking nothing like his tipsy self from just a moment ago.

He paced about in the courtyard for a while before finally entering the room.

Long Yang had specially gotten Zhao Qian to arrange this courtyard for him and Zhu Yu. It was an entire building on its own.

Once the guests were all gone, silence returned to the previously clamorous courtyard. The lanterns in the corridor glowed gently, brightening the entire courtyard with a cheery luminescence.

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