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Chapter 1309: 1309 All He Wanted Was To Protect Ji’er

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1309 All He Wanted Was To Protect Ji’er

Chu Qi heeded her words and closed his eyes. After a while, when the light was no longer so dazzling, he slowly opened them.

His vision was fuzzy at first, but gradually, it became clearer.

The first thing he saw was the baby in his arms.

She had skin as fair and smooth as white jade, a head of thick black hair, and glossy lips the color of a cherry.

It was a beautiful baby, and she was now sleeping meekly in his embrace.

So this was Ji’er…

As Chu Qi gazed at her delicate face, his fingers twitched with yearning to touch her, but he eventually suppressed the urge.

He lifted his gaze toward the other two people in the room.

The man was regally handsome, and the woman had the beauty of a goddess. He speculated that they were Ji’er’s parents, the current reigning Emperor and Empress.

“Chu Qi, can you see us now?” Lu Liangwei asked as she waved a hand in front of his eyes.

“Yes.” Chu Qi nodded.

“Do you feel any discomfort?”


Lu Liangwei was relieved to hear this. “That’s great.”

Long Yang got up and walked over to them, equally glad to see that the boy’s eyes had regained their previous sparkle.

Lu Liangwei was a little sad to see her daughter sleeping so soundly in Chu Qi’s arms, but she forced herself to lift her spirits. “Since you’re fine now, you should rest early. Remember not to get your injured foot wet for the next two days, though.”

“All right,” Chu Qi replied.

Long Yang wrapped an arm around Lu Liangwei’s shoulders and guided her outside, not forgetting to close the doors behind them.

After they had left, Chu Qi laid Ji’er down on the bed.

He sat next to her and watched her for a moment before lying down quietly beside her.

He turned his head and stared fixedly at the baby girl with his dark eyes.

He had already known that this was a beautiful child even when he had been blind, but now that he was finally seeing her for himself, he still could not help being amazed.

As he listened to her soft breathing, fulfillment spread through him.

Even though he could not recall his past, he did not mind. All he wanted was to protect Ji’er.

The next day.

When Lu Liangwei finished speaking, Zhao Qian was convinced that he had not yet recovered from his hangover, which was why his ears had deceived him.

Otherwise, how come he heard the Empress say that Lu Tingchen was going to marry Chu Jiu?

“Your Highness, I had a bit too much to drink yesterday, and I’m not completely sober yet. Could you please repeat what you said just now?” Zhao Qian massaged his temples, his expression rueful.

Lu Liangwei chuckled. “You didn’t hear me wrong, and you weren’t hearing things either. I was telling you about my brother and Chu Jiu.”

Zhao Qian’s eyes widened in disbelief. “So I heard you right?”

“You definitely did,” Lu Liangwei said with a smile. She could understand his reaction, because she had also thought her eyes were deceiving her when she read her mother’s letter yesterday.

Her brother and Jiu’s relationship had indeed come as a bolt out of the blue.

After a moment’s hesitation, Zhao Qian could no longer hide the exhilaration on his face. “The Heir Presumptive’s taste in women is impeccable!”

Lu Liangwei, “…”

“Jiu’s pretty lucky too,” Zhao Qian added. “If I’d known earlier that this day would come, I wouldn’t have needed to stress myself out!” He heaved a sigh. Before this, he had been worried that no one would want to marry Jiu, and he had even thought of adopting a husband for her.

Who would have expected this girl to get involved with Lu Tingchen – the man born with a silver spoon in his mouth, the Empress’s brother, and the future successor to the Grand Duke’s title?

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