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Chapter 1313: 1313 Men Would Always Turn Into Beasts When They See A Beautiful Woman

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1313 Men Would Always Turn Into Beasts When They See A Beautiful Woman

The two stood at the edge of the crowd and watched the bustling scene.

Just then, Bai He pointed in a direction not far off. “Miss, isn’t that General Long?”

Hearing this, Lin Qingyuan tore her gaze away from the scene and followed her finger. Sure enough, she spotted Long Xuan and his attendants sauntering in her direction.

A frown creased Lin Qingyuan’s forehead. “What rotten luck!”

Before they could slip away, Long Xuan caught sight of her and approached her. “What brings you here, Miss Lin?”

“If you can come here, why can’t I?” Lin Qingyuan’s tone was gruff.

Unfazed by her attitude, Long Xuan gestured at their surroundings with his folding fan and said mockingly, “I was just curious why you two are the only young ladies in this big place.”

Lin Qingyuan looked around furtively and realized that she and Bai He were indeed the only women there. Feeling a little sheepish, she shot back, “Are you saying that women can’t come here?”

Long Xuan merely responded with a smile.

He had changed out of his military attire and was currently dressed in a soft and loose robe. With a folding fan in one hand, he exuded an air of suaveness when he smiled.

Lin Qingyuan pulled a face and thought to herself scornfully, ‘What a pretentious humbug!’ When she noticed him glancing at Yan Ruyu’s pleasure boat, she could not help sneering at him. “You’re here for Miss Yan too, aren’t you? Unfortunately, only those who have her invitation as well as her favor can board her pleasure boat. I heard that there’s a fixed number of invitations, and most of them have already been sent out. It seems that you’ve come all this way for nothing—”

Before she could finish, a woman dressed like a maidservant walked up to them. After curtsying elegantly to Long Xuan, she said politely, “Young Master Long, my mistress invites you onto her pleasure boat for a chat.”

Lin Qingyuan stopped herself short grumpily.

She had babbled for so long, only to find out now that Long Xuan and Yan Ruyu knew each other.

Just when she was contemplating if she should shamelessly beg him to bring her along, Long Xuan suddenly drew close to her and said to the maidservant, “Your mistress won’t mind if I bring a friend, right?”

Frowning slightly, the maidservant gave Lin Qingyuan a silent once-over and replied, her brow still furrowed, “If you wish to, Young Master.”

“Let’s go,” Long Xuan said to Lin Qingyuan.

Lin Qingyuan tried to fight back her excitement as she followed him onto the pleasure boat under the envious gazes of the crowd.

There were already quite a number of people seated in the boat, each of them decked out in fancy clothes and oozing a distinguished aura.

Yan Ruyu was probably going to choose a patron among these people.

After scanning each person’s face, Lin Qingyuan was a little dismayed.

Each of them was here for Yan Ruyu, which meant they were all lechers despite their ostentatiously virtuous appearances.

Lin Qingyuan was disappointed.

Instead of taking the seat next to Long Xuan, she chose an inconspicuous corner and sat there quietly.

Zither music weaved through the cabin, and a fragrant breeze lingered in the air. As Lin Qingyuan sipped on her cup of fine wine, she could not help finding pleasure in this situation.

It would be great if she was a man. Unfortunately, she had been born with a woman’s body, or else she would definitely spend every day indulging in sensual pleasures like a playboy.

Not long after, the pleasure boat left the shore and glided toward the center of the river.

Just then, the bead curtains parted in a swaying motion, and a white-clad Yan Ruyu emerged from behind them, accompanied by the tinkle of her jade pendant.

A veil covered her face, and her maidservant supported her by the arm as she gracefully presented herself to her audience.

Her appearance immediately caused an uproar among the men, who had been quietly enjoying their wine a second ago.

“Miss Yan!”

“Miss Yan!”

Several voices cried out eagerly.

Lin Qingyuan pursed her lips.

These men had been so reserved and solemn just a while ago, but the instant a beauty revealed herself, they immediately showed their true colors.

Men would always turn into beasts when they see a beautiful woman!

She shook her head in contempt.

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