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Chapter 1316: 1316 It Was Like He Was Embracing Her

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1316 It Was Like He Was Embracing Her

“Young Master Long’s sword skills are indeed formidable. I nearly lost my head. Incredible. Truly incredible!” She was smiling widely but her tone was sarcastic.

Long Yang replied nonchalantly, “Isn’t Miss Lin’s head sitting nicely on your neck? I was just giving Miss Lin a little reminder that you should fix your bad habit of letting your mouth run.”

Lin Qingyuan understood what he was implying.

Long Xuan was taking revenge on Lin Qingyuan because she requested Yan Ruyu to drag him out to perform his sword skills.

She gave an angry laugh. “I had no idea Young Master Long was such a petty man. I should never have offended you!”

None of the spectators knew what these two were fighting about.

They were leaning in close together and their words were spoken in a low voice, which made the scene look rather intimate from Yan Ruyu’s perspective.

Yan Ruyu clenched her fingers and then suddenly clapped her hands. “Young Master Long is indeed talented with the sword. I finally had the chance to witness it for myself today.” With those words, she lifted her wine cup and walked toward the two of them. Her gaze fell on Lin Qingyuan. “May I know the relationship between this lady and Young Master Long?”

Lin Qingyuan was about to say that there was nothing between them when Long Xuan suddenly sat down in the seat next to hers.

One of Long Xuan’s arms reached past Lin Qingyuan’s back toward the ledge of the open window. He raised an eyebrow. “Don’t you know, Miss Yan?”

His action made it look like he was embracing Lin Qingyuan.

Yan Ruyu’s fingers on the cup turned pale and she looked like she was about to lose her balance.

“You and her…”

Yan Ruyu had just started speaking when there was a loud bang. The window on the other side was smashed through and a man dressed in red came barging in, making a beeline for Yan Ruyu.

The look on Long Xuan’s face changed. He swiftly got up and pulled Yan Ruyu to the side.

The intruder lunged into the newly created empty space and he suddenly saw a young, beautiful woman sitting at the table right in front of him. His eyes brightened. “Are you Yan Ruyu, the leading courtesan of Peony Pavilion?”

Before Lin Qingyuan realized what was happening, the man in red grabbed her by the shoulders.

Frowning, Long Xuan promptly hurled the sword in his hand at the man in red. “Let her go!”

To his surprise, the man in red was fairly proficient in martial arts. He leaned to one side and evaded Long Xuan’s attack. The next moment, he grabbed Lin Qingyuan and leaped out of the window.

Bai He collapsed to the ground. When she saw what had happened, she shouted in a panic, “Someone, please save my mistress…”

Before she finished her sentence, Long Xuan’s figure was already out of sight as he gave chase in a flurry.

By now, the pleasure boat had drifted to the middle of the river. The man in red clutched Lin Qingyuan as he stepped on the water’s surface, darting toward the shore.

As the event today was held by Yan Ruyu, countless people had come to see her beautiful face when they heard of the event. Even though the pleasure boat was now quite far from shore, there was still a crowd gathered on the land.

There were so many people on the shore that, if the kidnapper managed to reach the shore and disappear into the crowd, it would not be easy to locate him.

Without hesitation, Long Xuan flung his sleeve and a few daggers shot out from inside, striking the man’s vital spot.

The man was too preoccupied with the kidnapping that he did not notice the danger behind him.

By the time he realized what was happening, he had been struck by the flying daggers.


The man in red fell into the water with Lin Qingyuan.

Lin Qingyuan did not know how to swim. When she fell into the water, she thought she was going to drown.

She flailed her arms. “Hel—” Before she could finish her cry for help, she swallowed another mouthful of water.

She thought she was about to die in the river.

Just as she began to lose hope, she felt the weight disappear from her body as someone lifted her out of the water.


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