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Chapter 1317: 1317 This Guy Was Actually Thoughtful

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1317 This Guy Was Actually Thoughtful

Once he plucked Lin Qingyuan out of the water, Long Xuan deftly jumped onto the pleasure boat.

Lin Qingyuan was about to feel grateful for the rescue when she was thrown unceremoniously onto the deck.

This unexpected movement caught Lin Qingyuan by surprise. Any gratitude she had toward her savior was immediately discounted greatly.

That man was so rough. He did not even give her so much as a warning; her butt was now aching from the fall.

Then she realized she was covered with an outer robe, and Lin Qingyuan immediately raised her head, but Long Xuan had already turned away. He was wearing only his inner garment.

Lin Qingyuan was taken aback.

Bai He came running out of the berth at that moment, relieved to find Lin Qingyuan well and unharmed. She hurried over to help Lin Qingyuan up.

“Miss, it’s so good to see you safe. You really scared me,” Bai He said, still unnerved from what happened.

Lin Qingyuan was faring equally poorly. She was also terrified.

She was convinced she was going to drown—she never expected that Long Xuan would save her at the very last second.

Yan Ruyu and her admirers all came streaming out from the berth.

Everyone was shocked by the sudden incident and had not recovered from it yet.

“It’s fortunate that you’re unharmed.” Yan Ruyu pulled herself together and went toward Lin Qingyuan to offer her concern. However, her gaze paused when she spotted the outer robe draped over Lin Qingyuan.

Lin Qingyuan was not thinking too much at that moment as she pulled the outer robe tighter around herself.

As the weather was not that cold, she did not think to wear thick clothes. After being soaked in the river, the thin garments were plastered close to her body. It was lucky that Long Xuan had covered her up with his outer robe. Otherwise, she would have ended up exposing herself in public.

At this thought, Lin Qingyuan forgot about the roughness with which Long Xuan had treated her when he flung her onto the deck. Instead, she suddenly felt that the guy was actually thoughtful.

“Thank you for your concern, Miss Yan.” Lin Qingyuan thanked her. Even though this calamity ultimately happened because of Yan Ruyu, it was not as though she meant it to happen.

“It’s my fault. I’m the cause of this, Miss,” Yan Ruyu said apologetically. Everyone present in the berth could tell that the man in red had come for her. If Long Xuan had not pulled Yan Ruyu aside, the one to get abducted and subsequently fall into the water would have been her.

“This had nothing to do with Miss Yan. It’s just my bad luck.” Lin Qingyuan did not blame her. After all, it had all happened too suddenly and no one wanted it to happen.

“Whatever the case, this happened because of me. Your clothes are completely drenched, Miss. Why not come with me into the berth and get a change of dry clothes,” Yan Ruyu said sincerely.

Wearing wet clothes was certainly uncomfortable, and Lin Qingyuan did not decline the offer. “Thank you for the trouble, Miss Yan.”

“You’re welcome,” Yan Ruyu said lightly. Her gaze paused at Long Xuan’s back and she sighed in her heart as she led Lin Qingyuan into the berth.

When Lin Qingyuan was done changing and came back out with Yan Ruyu, Long Xuan’s subordinate dragged the man in red out of the water. He was tossed onto the deck, barely alive.

Yan Ruyu stepped forward and questioned him, “Why do you try to kidnap me when we aren’t even acquainted?”

The man in red had been struck by Long Xuan’s dagger in a few vital spots. In addition to that, he had been submerged in the water for a fairly long time and it looked like he might stop breathing any moment. He was unable to reply to her question.

“This man is a well-known rapist,” Long Xuan suddenly said, answering everyone’s question.

“Rapist?” Yan Ruyu’s expression immediately became disturbed.

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