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Chapter 1318: 1318 It Would Be Difficult To Escape From His Evil Clutches

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1318 It Would Be Difficult To Escape From His Evil Clutches

Lin Qingyuan immediately felt a horrible chill when she heard this. The thought of nearly falling into his hands sent chills down her spine.

If Long Xuan had not struck him down, it was not difficult to imagine that she would have suffered a fate worse than death if he could have his way with her.

This line of thought gave her some mixed feelings.

Long Xuan had saved her chastity from being destroyed.

For once she did not say anything as she stayed silent.

“This man has committed numerous crimes in the martial world and hurt many innocent women. He must have targeted you very recently. Otherwise, he would not have mistaken Miss Lin for you,” Long Xuan explained.

“What should we do with him now?” Yan Ruyu asked. Once again, she felt blessed for Long Xuan’s presence today. If it were not for him, it would have been difficult for her to escape the man’s evil clutches.

“He’s not going to live. However, before that, he shall be handed over to the local authorities.” Long Xuan had already made arrangements when he said this. “Once the boat gets to shore, I’ll have someone take him to the authorities.”

With the whole situation with the rapist, the mood was ruined for everyone present and Yan Ruyu promptly had the pleasure boat return to shore.

Once the crowd had dispersed, Long Xuan said to Yan Ruyu, “If you don’t wish to continue staying at Peony Pavilion, I can redeem your freedom.”

Yan Ruyu arched an eyebrow. “Who would you be to me for you to redeem my freedom?”

“If you are willing, I can do it as your foster brother,” said Long Xuan.

Yan Ruyu’s fingers clenched the side of the boat. The look in her eyes dimmed.

She should never have gotten her hopes up. If Long Xuan had been interested in her, she would not have needed to wait until today. Her feelings were clearly one-sided.

Yan Ruyu forced back her tears and she tried to keep her voice casual as she said, “I’ve earned enough at Peony Pavilion throughout the years. I’m able to pay for the money to secure my freedom myself.”

Long Xuan nodded and did not force the matter. “That’s true. How could the leading courtesan of Peony Pavilion be lacking in money?”

Yan Ruyu had grown tired of staying at Peony Pavilion for so many years. Her gaze turned drifted into the distance as she said softly, “But when the time comes for me to redeem my freedom, I would need you to help me out.”

As the main money maker at Peony Pavilion, it would not be easy for her to cut ties!

Long Xuan understood the difficulty of her situation.

They had known each other a while and he was more than willing to help her out. Moreover, it was just a small matter of him showing his face.

“Don’t worry. Just send someone to inform me whenever you need me.”

“Thank you,” Yan Ruyu replied, then she turned her eyes toward Lin Qingyuan, who was not far away. A thought crossed her mind and she asked, “What is actually going on between you and Miss Lin?”

She had initially thought that Long Xuan had a special relationship with Miss Lin, but after some observation, she realized it was not as she had thought.

It was clear that Long Xuan was just using this woman as an excuse to hide behind after realizing that Yan Ruyu had held this event specifically for him.

They had known each other for many years, but their relationship had never been anything more than friends. Yan Ruyu greatly admired him and eventually hoped to get married to him.

However, he was unmoved by her advances after she had tested the waters a few times.

It did not matter how hard she tried, nothing would change if he did have any feelings for her.

Long Xuan followed her gaze toward Lin Qingyuan who was leaning against the side of the boat. She was currently speaking to her maidservant but when she sensed his gaze, she immediately looked over at him.

Unlike the previous few times when she looked at him, this time, there was a look of gratitude in her eyes.

Long Xuan raised his eyebrow and turned away.

“There is nothing between us.”

“I can tell that Miss Lin comes from an exceptional background. You two look like a good match.” Even though Yan Ruyu was prepared to give up on him, she still felt a little jealous, but there was nothing beyond that.


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